Posted on May 21 2012

Weekend Recap

We had an amazing weekend around these parts.  We agreed no work was to be done and we were going to have a quiet weekend doing whatever our hearts desired.  I opted to use my hands as little as possible.  Well, specifically my left hand.  I’ve got those painful initial symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, and my left hand and arm was riddled with aches and shooting pain.  No fun, but a magical brace and a lot of resting my wrist has worked wonders.

We have Bell’s Brewery here in Kalamazoo.  It’s amazing, and there is a beer garden where kiddos can roam free until 8 pm.  Oh, and the food is pretty perfect too!  Starting our weekend there on Friday night with some friends was so nice.  Saturday we made a trip to the farmers’ market (nope, didn’t have a booth this week), and then enjoyed a picnic in our yard.  I started some pizza dough, which I’ve actually never made before.  Strange, I know.  I used this recipe that my friend passed my way, and it’s wonderful and quick.  I’ve got some extra in the freezer!

Sunday was beach day!  We were introduced to a new beach on Lake Michigan, and fell instantly in love.  I wish I had a photo.  We made sure we left technology behind yesterday, but just know it was perfect.  I think it’s impossible to have a terrible time at The Lake.  Although, Jack was not feeling the best, and that’s when I realized our little dude is getting is getting some molars in.  Yeeesh!  No fun!  It was definitely an ah-ha! moment that solved the questions of the previous day’s fevers and rashes.  He oscillates between his normal, sweet self and an irrational, screaming mess.  Bedtime (which never is rough) was rough, and our little sleeper woke up a lot.  He’s also in the midst of a growth spurt, and keeps telling me his legs hurt.  All that being said, you ask him how his weekend was and he will tell you all about that lake and that picnic.  The glass is half full, that’s my kind of dude.

So here’s to Monday, where we can be thankful for the fun we had over the weekend and get back to business.  Happy Monday!

  1. Ashley Yun says:

    Does the pain specifically go to your middle and ring fingers? Get ahold of me whether or not it does, the medicine I’m learning is made for resolving this kind of pain, and I’d be happy to long-distance help! Can’t be having my favorite blog go down just because of a few inflamed tendons!

    • Emily says:

      Most of the pain is in my wrist and into my thumb. When it was the worst a few days ago it was also up my arm and into my hand, too. Lots of rest and wearing that brace helped tremendously.

  2. design elements says:

    I like the photo with the market flowers a lot.

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