Posted on September 10 2012

Weekend Recap: Mackinac Island

We spent the weekend up on Mackinac Island.  We’ve been going there every fall for so many years, always planning the trip around the annual 8-mile race around the island.  You travel to the island via ferry, no motorized vehicles are allowed.  Getting around the island means you travel by foot, on bicycles, or get carted around by horse taxis or tours.  There’s a tiny downtown village that centers around what the island is known for – fudge!  You really can’t walk far without passing a fudge shop.

The weekend was a bit rainy, but we still enjoyed the race, bicycling around the island, hiking around, flying kites, and eating some good meals together.  I had grand plans of some great photos of the weekend, but I grabbed a full memory card and had no computer to dump them onto!  So, I snapped away with my phone instead.

The sun came out and was shining on our last morning there.  We hiked up to the top of a bluff where my sister’s boyfriend proposed!  SO EXCITING!  (Welcome to the family officially, Joe!)  It means so much to see my sister so very happy!  Now, to start helping plan a wedding!!!

Our trip is always capped off with a trip to grab some fudge before we head off the island on the ferry.  Getting away for the weekend was a welcome recharge.  It was a gorgeous four-hour drive back home – the leaves are changing in northern Michigan, and it feels like fall!  Things feel especially autumn-like as I sip my coffee on the cold porch and get ready for the week.  Hope your weekend was wonderful.

  1. Amanda Jane Jones says:

    oh my gosh…i love northern michigan. Looks like so much fun!
    PS. sometimes I have to use a calculator when I do your spam math equations. (so bad at math!)

    • Emily says:

      You are so funny! Dan installed that as the spam filter, and I have been meaning to swap it out for something else!!! Maybe that’s why people don’t leave comments?! :)

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