Posted on June 21 2012

Tartine Baking Project: #62 Toasted Almond and Lavender Parfait

It’s been so hot for the past couple of days.  That’s not me complaining, that’s just me stating a fact.  Here’s me complaining: I hate it when my feet are hot, and I hate sweating.  Okay, that’s all.  Now, there are so many surefire ways to enjoy the heat.  A few favorites: lemonade, the beach, sprinklers, hiding out in an air conditioned room, and ice cream!  The easy way to make your own ice cream without an ice cream maker: PARFAIT!

I’ve made the roast banana and maple pecan parfait, and the white chocolate parfait with lime granita.  These sweltering hot days called for a cool treat, and minimal effort.  I couldn’t muster the energy to turn on my oven.  I physically couldn’t turn the knob, so the third and final parfait recipe was in order.  The thought of lavender in parfait made me a bit nervous.  I trust the recipe, and that the vast majority of the world would like such a thing in a frozen dessert.  I just have this thing where lavender smells like potpourri, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’m pretty sure it would taste like that too.

I don’t know how it slipped past me, but the “toasted” part of the title of the recipe involved turning on the oven!  D’oh!  At least it only had to be on for a few minutes.  I pressed onward, and decided that since I had particularly aromatic lavender flowers that I would use slightly less than the recipe called for.  That direction was right there in the recipe, so it wasn’t a cop out or anything.

Turns out that taking pictures during the making of parfait is a difficult task.  Things come together quickly.  I was caught in a sweaty haze, trying to get a good photo of the heavy cream being whipped, and then I looked up and it was whipped to long.  I rolled with it, and used it regardless.  It just made mixing it into the sugary egg yolk concoction a bit difficult, glad it didn’t ruin anything.

I wasn’t necessarily betting against the lavender tasting alright, but I wasn’t going to be surprised if I didn’t like it.  The verdict?  It was delicious, mild and didn’t overpower any other flavors.  Toasted almonds are pretty close to perfection.

I do love a cold ice-cream, or almost-ice-cream, treat.  Once when I was seven-years-old my family went to the local Renaissance Fair.  My parents bought me a princess hat, and I was immediately frolicking around in my own little world.  Literally.  I was paying no attention to where my family was, and when they stopped to buy my sister a stuffed parrot, I kept skipping down the dirt path.  I looked around, I was surrounded by dudes carrying fake swords and ladies wearing armor.  My family was not in sight.  A woman recognized the look of a Lost Child on my face (guess this happens pretty routinely there), and walked me back to the ice cream stand where she worked.  Apparently, that’s where they corral the Lost Kids.  She handed me an ice cream cone, and it instantly didn’t matter if I ever found my family again.  Ice cream (and now, parfait) still has that affect on me.

As I was nibbling away, I had the realization that this was my last parfait from the cookbook!  Sad!  There will be so many more hot days, so all hope is not lost!  I have grand plans of strawberry parfait!  Peach parfait!  Other-combinations-of-things-I-haven’t-thought-of-yet parfait!  I will include a little warning that says, “You may not care if you see your family again once you enjoy a bite of this.”

  1. la domestique says:

    Th parfait looks so good! I had never paid any attention to the parfait recipes in the Tartine cookbook and literally just walked over and pulled the book off my shelf to verify their existence. This is very exciting to me, and I can’t wait to try them all. Lovely post!

  2. Kasey says:

    Wow, I must have missed this recipe in the book – it looks and sounds amazing. Your photos are beautiful! Also, way to challenge me with the captcha math! x

    • Emily says:

      Oh, thanks Kasey! Parfait feels like a secret! You’ve got to make some soon! SO GOOD! And for the captcha, that was my husband’s doing because I was complaining about spam. I like math alright, but I hate it on here! I keep forgetting about it – it stops spam, and probably stops people from commenting at all! :)

  3. Katherine Ross says:

    That looks mighty tasty. I have similar feelings about cooking with lavender. I’ve never tried it but I’m always afraid it will turn out too flowery. I’m actually headed to a u-pick lavender farm in Niles MI this weekend… Lavender Hill Farm, ever heard of it? I might pick up some food quality lavender and experiment a little in the kitchen! Lavender lemonade sounds like a safe bet, too.

    • Emily says:

      A LAVENDER FARM?! That sounds amazing! You’ll have to tell me all about it! A road trip just may be in order!

      • Katherine Ross says:

        I think “lovely” is probably the best way to describe it! If you’re curious, I did a little review on my blog.

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