Posted on May 10 2012

Tartine Baking Project: #57 Fruit Galettes

I have been so excited to make these galettes.  Every time I open this cookbook, I open to this page.  I’d like to think it’s fate, but there’s probably just a serious crumb jammed up in the binding acting like a bookmark.  There were some really tasty peaches and strawberries at the Food Co-op yesterday, and I couldn’t resist!  It’s just been so long since I’ve had a peach!

Making the dough for galettes involves the same ingredients as making the flaky tart dough, it just a little different in terms of preparation.  It seems like the first time I make dough of any sort, it’s always a bit on the dry side.  The dryness meant the dough was a little stubborn as I was trying to make beautiful and perfect folds, so I had to forsake my perfect Martha-Stewart-Ina-Garten-esque folds.  It’s alright though, it worked out just fine.  And by “just fine” I mean pretty gosh darn amazing.  Amazing enough to eat a couple of these gems without hesitation and very little guilt.  When I was enjoying every bite, eyes closed and probably letting out a few happy shrieks of success, I definitely wasn’t thinking about the lack of perfect folds of dough around the edges.

Jack had a bit of a rough and tumble kind of toddler day, so when these were on the cooling rack I let him grab one and had him choose where we ate it.  He chose to devour this little treat picnic-style “with blanket!” in the front lawn “in the shade!”  He got so excited passing the galette between the three of us to take little bites.  That’s  the best way to enjoy any sort of dessert, really.

I cannot wait to make these all summer long as we go blueberry picking and take trips in late July to the best “peach guy.”  Expect to see any photo of me this summer with one of these little gems in hand.

  1. NicoleD says:

    It is hard to choose a favorite dessert, but a galette with fresh fruit has to be it for me. I love its rustic good looks and tastiness. Yours are so pretty and I’m jealous of your peaches! You have a peach guy? Again, jealous.

    • Emily says:

      These peaches are from some faraway place, but yes there’s a peach guy. Maybe a road trip in July is in order for the farmers’ market and the peach guy! :)

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