Posted on December 23 2011

Tartine Baking Project: #26 Soft Glazed Gingerbread

Holiday prep is in high gear for us procrastinators!  No presents are wrapped, a few gifts still need to be bought – but I did catch up last night on the magazines that have been piling up!  So there’s that. 

Prepping these here soft glazed gingerbread dreams was less dream, and more nightmare.  I exaggerate.  Not really a nightmare, more of a pile of annoying delays. A fourth of a cup short of flour means a trip to the store, only to come home and find out that I cannot find the ginger.  I have fresh ginger, but I worry that will make the cookies too moist…I run to the store, hoping to come home and finish the cookies.  I have to scrape the jar of molasses to come up with the proper amount of it for the recipe.  I barely have enough sugar.  I’d planned on finishing the cookies so we could dole some out to friends and neighbors during the evening, only to realize I forgot the dough would need to hang out in the fridge over night. 

Is it too late to add to the Christmas list?  I’d like a pepper grinder that gives me a digital readout of the calories I burn when grinding that pepper.  1 1/4 tsp = 35 calories burned.  Something like that.

Nearly ready for a night chillin’ in the fridge.

The cold plaque of dough took some real elbow grease took some work to shape.  Maybe my rolling pin should have a burning calorie counter as well? 

Like the nerd that I am, I was crazy excited to use my new Scandinavian-style springerle rolling pin!  I have no idea what most of the designs are, though.  I recognize a mushroom and what I think is a fish – other than that, I have no clue. A leaf?  A loaf of bread?  I am now on the hunt for vintage springerle pins!  Always looking for a new thing to obsess over and collect!

Out of the oven, I realized how much darker my final product was than the ones that were photographed in the book.  It dawned on me that I just may have put in a tablespoon of cloves, rather than a teaspoon.  I looked at the photo I’d taken of the spices (above) and I think there is definitely too much of the cloves in there – that dark spot of spices looks like more than a teaspoon.   I just continued to recite my new kitchen mantra I mentioned yesterday – IT’S OKAY. 

Our friends stopped by this morning just in time to serve as taste testers.  I love Dan, but after I whined a bit in the kitchen, I don’t think he’d be completely honest with me in regards to how they really tasted.  I warned our friends about the possibility of clove-overload.  Assuring me they liked Clove cigarettes in high school, they bravely tasted these gems, and gave a surprising, “Oh, these are good.”  Their sheer surprise conveyed real honesty, and what I thought would be a disastrous mess, ended up turning out well.  I was going to feed them to my family regardless, but at least people won’t have to pretend that they’re good.

Have a Merry Christmas!  I hope you find time to enjoy the kitchen, and remind yourself that ‘It’s Okay.’  Don’t stress!  Enjoy the holiday and whoever you’re spending it with! 

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