Tartine Baking Project: #51 White Chocolate and Lime Parfait

As I sat down to write this post, the Lindt commercial came on and asked, “Do you dream in chocolate?”  How perfectly coincidental.  Yes, I dream in chocolate, I’m not stupid.  And, not once have I been floating down a white chocolate river or eating my weight in white chocolate truffles.  I had that dream, and they were milk chocolate truffles filled with salted caramel.  I’m not going to sugar coat this.  I was optimistic, yet pretty skeptical as I started chopping up this chocolate for this recipe.  White.  Chocolate.

My last parfait I made set the bar really high.  Pretty sure that Roasted banana & maple pecan parfait is like the older kid who get’s straight A’s, was the captain of the football team, and had really good skin.  If that’s the case then I half expected this white chocolate concoction to be the youngest sibling who’s parents didn’t notice they forgot at the water park until they got home.  Poor thing.  No, my expectations weren’t that low.

I love parfait.  You get everything all set up so when the starting gun fires you don’t have to stop to tie your shoes.  The quickness of this preparation leaves little room for snapping photos.

I must say I am pretty proud that I whipped this up so quickly this afternoon.  Jack and I were leisurely enjoying our day and I sort of forget about all the plans we had for the afternoon and evening.  Well, I whipped it up quickly and we weren’t even able to enjoy it tonight!

Limes.  So many limes!  And then there was the granita.  Sticking with my previous race analogy, this granita was the pebble in my shoe.  The blister on the back of me heel.  The stick that a competitor threw in front of me.  I love lime.  (And not just because I like tequila.)  And I love this recipe.  I just slipped up when it was time to put it in the freezer.  Instead of putting it in a shallow dish as directed, I had it in a bowl.  We had friends over for our first outdoor dinner of the year.  (I know!  It’s March!  In Michigan!  I could write a book on how crazy and confusing it is to be wearing a skirt and sweating in March!)  Since it was in the bowl it didn’t freeze in time.  I couldn’t serve it without the granita!!!  I pacified them with the chocolate friands, so all was well.  No one went home hating me.  (I hope.)  Without further adieu, here’s what they missed out on.

It made for a delicious breakfast.  The creamy parfait with ribbons of white chocolate made for a lovely partner to the slushy lime granita.  I have a feeling I will be finding ways to include that granita in a great many desserts and drinks this summer!  After all that doubting, this white chocolate dessert turned out not to be that forgotten child, but more like a celebrity that flashes around the high school photo where they looked like a nerd and no one thought they’d be famous and beautiful.