A lovely weekend

What a beautiful weekend!  The moderate temperatures are perfect for my San Francisco-lovin’ heart.  Wearing pants is the best.  We got our bikes in working order, and went all over on two wheels.  We made a little trip over to the east side of Michigan (in a car, not on bikes) to bid von boyage to our friends, Dianne and Diego, who are heading back to Dijon, France.  She’s got a lovely blog about living in France, by the way.

I’ve known Dianne since I was six years old, when I moved to a new school and were in the same class.  We would play Miss America and would practice dance routines to the Beach Boys’ “California Girls.”  We ended up heading off to college together as roommates, and really embraced the freedom of college together, including wearing pajamas a lot.  I met Diego, who’s from Spain, when Dianne met him years later in their Masters’ program.  Soon after, they left for Spain, and we left for San Francisco.  It’s always as if no time or distance has separated us when we cross paths.

My friends have a few amazing restaurants near my hometown, so we headed off to one of them for our double date.  I spent weekends and summers of college waiting tables at their first restaurant, the Clarkston Union.  I loved working there so much, fell in love with really good food, and everyone there quickly became my extended family.  My friends, Ann and Curt, are a couple of the hardest working people I know, and their second restaurant is one of my favorites.  The Union Woodshop is a “wood-fired BBQ joint” as they like to call it, as was the Detroit Free Press restaurant of the year in 2011.   We ate ribs and pulled pork and their famous mac-and-cheese.  The boys drank beer from our favorite Kalamazoo brewery, Bell’s, and Dianne and I enjoyed Shandys (beer + lemonade! My favorite summer beverage!) that also had Elderflower liqueur mixed in.  SO GOOD!  We spent the meal ooh-ing and ahh-ing over every bite, planning how we’re going to cross paths when Dan and I head over to Italy and France in November, and rehashing some favorite stories we always like to share whenever we see each other.  We were lavished with so many desserts, and left with full bellies and happy hearts.


Weekend Bits + Pieces

After last week’s grumpy-inducing heat wave, this weekend was all about getting stuff done.  I had grand plans of taking so many photos of the tiny details of the weekend, but kept realizing I was not taking photos and was forgetting my camera when I left the house.  All in all, I have four photos to share.

I started my baking project for the week, caught Woody walking through a wooden Italy, and took note of my increasing number of aprons.  I also scored on a quick trip to one of my favorite thrift stores around here!  New whisks!  Adorable dishes!  That owl in the wooden frame is embroidered – love!  The kitchen timer works!  That tin – beautiful!  The inside of the lid doubles as a serving tray and had a gorgeous design on it as well!  So many scores for $15!

(Speaking of thrifting, I’ve been loving some Etsy vintage shops a lot lately!  This one, this one, and this one is definitely a favorite too.)