Tartine Baking Project: #41 Chocolate Soufflé Cake

I’ve mentioned this before, but when I first set out to bake everything over the year, I paid particular attention to plotting out treats for holidays and birthdays.  This particular cake screamed, “VALENTINE’S DAY!” As a Lover of Chocolate, I took the call and have been counting down to this cake for some time now.  Wouldn’t you know it?  For the second year in a row, The Flu has ruined my Valentine plans!  What a jerk!  I actually did get the cake made for Valentine’s evening, but the plan was to partake in said dessert with lady friends celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day,’ à la Leslie Knope and her gaggle of gals.  (That’s a Parks and Recreation reference, just in case you felt a bit lost there.)

This was a marathon cake that turned into a dreaded chore that I just had to finish.  The end was totally worth the means, but the joy of baking this afternoon was definitely just a book on a shelf rather than the vibe of my kitchen over the past couple of days.

The bottom of this cake is a thin layer of chocolate chiffon cake.  (Completely worth the extra step of baking a completely different cake just to get a tiny layer!)

It’s very exciting when a recipe calls for seven eggs, and I have exactly seven eggs.

I am so in love with this clear mixing bowl.  I cannot say that enough.  (And my husband and child…but I tell them all the time how much I love them.)

I was worried I was going to bake this too long.  I am always under baking things, and with this cake you don’t want the cake to raise up at all.  It ended up puffing up a bit, even though I baked it for the minimal amount of time suggested.  At this point in the game, nothing was phasing me.  I honestly had a “whatever” kind of attitude, which is definitely not the norm.

At this point it suggested putting the cake in the fridge for 3 hours, or up to overnight.  We had such a rocky day and even though it was Valentine’s Day, we opted to postpone that chocolatey dessert.  We instead went through an assorted box of chocolates and realized we hate assorted boxes of chocolates because we don’t like most of the mix.  Wow.  We sound like some serious Valentine Grinches!  Really, I love this day!  I promise!

More chocolate! 

So, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day again today!  This meant more chocolate for the ganache, and a brief afternoon love day party for the three of us.

Not the prettiest cake, or even a really pretty picture of a half-way decent cake.  But, this cake is so very rich and smooth and delicious.  Remember Genuwine?  That’s exactly how I think he marketed himself in 1997.  “Rich, smooth and delicious.”

Clearly, there’s a fan of chocolate in this house other than myself. 



Freebie: Valentine Foodie Gift Labels!

I am so very excited to share these foodie gift labels with you!  I shared some that I painted around Christmas time, and was super excited about another batch – this time with a mild Valentine’s Day theme.  I’m no graphic designer, but I think they turned out pretty cute!

I used scalloped scissors, a heart hole punch, a little heart stamp I made from a pencil eraser, lots of yarn and craft paper to jazz up some food I’m sharing with friends and neighbors.  I printed some on card stock, and some on sticker paper.  There are endless possibilities – these could even be used year-round!   I’d love to see how you end up using them!  Enjoy!

(PDF download has 12 on a page.  Please feel free to pass this along, and links back to this post would be oh so kindly appreciated! xo)
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