My dad’s bread, a French Toast recipe, and a giveaway

Just about one year ago, exactly, my dad set out to make his own bread.  He mentioned wanting to find a great recipe to get the ball rolling, and I suggested the Tartine Bread cookbook.  I’d never made the Tartine bread, or anything from any Tartine cookbook at that point, but I knew their bread was my favorite and the cookbook was beautiful.  After a few trials, dialing in the basics to make it works for his set up, my dad figured it out.  He’s become quite the bread wizard, experimenting with different variations all the time.

The loaf he uses for his everyday bread is amazing – I’ve enjoyed many a sandwich with that bread.  Spending a few days at my parents’ this past weekend, it began calling out to be made into French toast.  The last section of the cookbook is full of recipes for day-old bread.  How clever and practical!  I used their French toast recipe to make the fanciest breakfast delight for my family.

(Keep reading for the best French toast recipe I’ve ever used, and a Tartine Bread cookbook giveaway after the jump!)

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And the winner is…

I already told you how excited about the Tartine Bread cookbook I am here, so there’s no need to continue the gushing right at the moment.  I want to sincerely thank everyone who participated!  There were so many of you that were eager to get your hands on the prize!  I thought it was fitting to put all of your names into a loaf of bread and pull out the winner.  No, I didn’t.  That would have been amazing though.  So many names went into a bag, I shook it up very well and pulled out the winner!

I am just SO COMPLETELY excited for…

You won the cookbook!  A stipulation of winning – you MUST let me know how it turns out for you!  Promise?!  Please don’t let it sit on a shelf for four years like I did with the Tartine bakery cookbook!

*please send me your address (kastner.emily@gmail.com) so I can get the book in your hands soon!


You still have the rest of the weekend to enter for a chance to win the most beautiful cookbook ever, Tartine Bread!  Follow the link, like the FB page, share/comment on the photo!  The winner will be announced Monday!  Good luck!

Tartine Bread cookbook giveaway!


Tartine Bread: COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY! (closed)

Since I’ve been talking about how much I love bread today, I thought it would be perfect and timely to give away one of these beautiful cookbooks to one of you lucky people out there!  Oh, and since I’m so thankful for bread, giving away a cookbook around Thanksgiving makes a lot of sense!

Seriously, the bread from Tartine is perfect!  To wield the power to remake it in your own kitchen – that’s crazy!  The day I got home from my SF trip I got a text from my dad: “Unveiled first bread to the public last night.  It’s great, what artisan bread is all about.  Love the crust.”  My dad has been on a personal mission to make some amazing bread, and I pointed him in the direction of the Tartine Bread cookbook a few months ago, simply because I love their bread, and their bakery cookbook (clearly).  The cookbook is honestly beautiful!  The pictures could be ripped out and framed (I wouldn’t advise that though), and the book has one of those squishy covers that could be used for a pillow if you were in some sort of weird jam where you were stuck somewhere, needed to sleep, and only had this cookbook.

What do you have to do to get your hands on one?  Head over the the Facebook page, (“like” it if you haven’t yet!), find the picture of the cookbook, comment on it, and share that post to your wall!  IT’S THAT EASY!

All “shares” in order to be considered in the giveaway need to be completed by Sunday November 27 at 12:00 pm EST. 

Seriously, you should do this!  You can win it, make some fantastic bread, then brag to all of your friends about how amazing you are because you bake your own bread.


AH!!! Just got an amazing package in the mail! I cannot even convey how excited I am!   NOT ONLY do

AH!!! Just got an amazing package in the mail! I cannot even convey how excited I am! NOT ONLY do