Completely Pinteresting: Revamping my spices

My spices have been the bane of my existence for years.  Whoa, that’s dramatic.  But really, it’s sort of true!  Our pantry is in the darkest corner of our kitchen, and organization (despite all of Dan’s efforts) has been futile.  Hunting down the ginger always takes at least ten minutes longer than it really should.  I get so angry at oregano, because as I scouring each shelf, I find myself always picking up the oregano.  It’s annoying, to say the least.

I’ve been meaning to get the magnetic refrigerator spice containers for such a long time.  It’s always put on the back burner until I’m trying to find the cinnamon and kicking myself for being such a procrastinator.  I pinned this from a DIY that I saw on A Beautiful Mess.  (Elsie is amazing, and always has these DIY projects that are so simple and practical – most importantly always stylish and quick too!)  Seeing these spices on a pinboard was the reminder I needed to finally do it!

So, here’s my go at it.  I already LOVE LOVE LOVE having these spices on the fridge, which means they’re not lost in the labyrinth of a pantry we have AND they aren’t stealing precious counter space.

Write the labels on sticker paper, using the backside of the amazing beautiful Lucky Peach magazine! 

Apply the stickers and fill them up!

On their new home – the fridge!

Seriously, this is the smartest thing I’ve done in quite a while!  And, it took minimal effort and time!  Success!  No more hunting for spices!  A disorganized lady’s dream!

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