open letter to my spatulas

Dearest spatulas,

Wow, you’re both looking especially orange and sturdy today.  While that’s not something I ever want to hear, I know that makes you guys feel good.  And yes, I’m trying to be extremely nice because I feel guilty.  I don’t think anyone gives you and your pals enough attention, or the credit you deserve. While mixers, immersion blenders, knives, cutting boards, and even whisks are the talk of the town, spatulas are in the background cleaning out mixing bowls immaculately.  Well, good spatulas, that is.  The first time I really appreciated you was baking in my parents’ kitchen, and lacking an efficient spatula.  I stood there for a moment and thought of you both.  You make a good team – I enjoy having both a classic and offset spatula within reach.

On behalf of cooks and bakers everywhere, thank you.  Although it’s not frequently verbalized, your dedication to your job and your efficiency in all you do, has not gone unnoticed.  (I used that something along those lines for our garbageman when I gave him a little package of cookies.  He’s the best and grabs our cans when we forget to move them to the street!  Amazing, right?)  Sorry, I got a little sidetracked there, spatulas.  This is about you.  Thank you so much.  I love you.  I appreciate you.

Keep it real,


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