Off to Canada!

First of all, technology is crazy. I’m updating on my phone from the road. Literally! In a car driving and writing a blog post. Well, I’m not driving. Driving and blogging would be dumb. (I apologize if this post is formatted oddly. Learning the ropes of the new app)

Dan and I are off to Toronto, in the midst of a four hour road trip. My baking supplies are all packed up and we’re ready for the Kinfolk dinner tomorrow. Very excited. We’ll be in the city today, and then on Sunday as well. My great grandparents lived in Canada, and I’d go to a family reunion there with my grandma in the summer. Such lively memories of Ontario. I’ve never been to Toronto though, so any suggestions of things to do and places to eat would be welcome!

Have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to sharing about this little adventure of ours next week!