Recipe #16: Chocolate pudding

What’s the first thing you thought when you read the title?  If you didn’t say ‘Bill Cosby’ then I know you’re lying.  I’m a huge fan of pudding, and I questioned if anything could really be better than what Mr. Cosby has been serving up for years.  (Cover your ears Mr. Cosby.  And your eyes too, I guess.)  This pudding is the polar opposite of that – like night and day, like one comes from a box and the other is made from scratch.  Yes, it’s exactly like that, actually.

These tea cups make for perfect portion sizes! And for pretty pictures too.

I usually bake in the afternoon, or the morning if there’s a lot of steps to carry out throughout the day.  I do this because I take advantage of an afternoon-napping toddler, but primarily because that’s when the light in the kitchen is the best for taking pictures.  Today it so happened that I took the longest nap ever, which meant that I made the pudding in the evening.  I was pretty annoyed that the pictures lack the natural light I’m used to working with.

I was instantly thankful that my mom came over today.  Turns out whisking, measuring stuff, pouring stuff, and taking pictures of the process takes more than two hands.   Poor thing, she popped in the kitchen to just take a look and I put her to work the whole time.

There’s a great deal of constant whisking involved in making pudding.  There would be slightly less if I had an immersion blender, but I’m going to go ahead and pretend that I wanted to use a whisk.

I got a set of three whisks for Christmas last year and thought, “Why would I need more than one whisk?”  The answer: above.

Thermometer! Pre-fire cavemen would not know the delicious nature of pudding.  Thank you, fire!

This pudding is so rich and full of chocolatey flavor it’s crazy!  Once you put the pudding through a sieve, you add chopped up chocolate.  This is why the pudding much thicker than pudding you usually find anywhere you order pudding or when you make it yourself from the box.  Pretty much, this chocolate is the Yogi Bear of the pudding world – “Not your average bear pudding!”


A dollop of softly whipped cream and some shaved chocolate make for a pretty and delicious topping.  (I still can’t make chocolate curls very well!)

All in all, it was a mildly hectic twenty minutes or so – but, totally worth it!  Having made it once, (and not documenting the process in photos again, unless the light was better), I think making it again would be that much quicker!  I was worried that the final product would be crazy lumpy because I don’t have an immersion blender, but turns out THESE MUSCLES are just as good as technology!!!  Actually, it was my mom who did a lot of the whisking.  THOSE MUSCLES!  MY MOM IS STRONGER THAN AN IMMERSION BLENDER! 

I’m sure Bill Cosby would approve.  My guess is that he actually hates jello and pudding.  I think this one would win him over, though.