Completely Pinteresting: Embellishing Wooden Utensils

I have a real love for wooden items.  When I saw these adorable color block utensils, I knew I had to give mine a little make-over!  It was meant to be!  I had the paint and the spoons!  It took me all of five minutes!

There’s really not a lot of explanation needed.  I used a paint brush ans some all purpose Martha Stewart paint.  They’re feeling confident with their new look in their new home.  Although, it looks like the whisks and spatulas are avoiding the revamped spoons.  (Maybe they’re jealous?  I don’t know.)

What have you been pinning and making?



Completely Pinteresting: Decorating cloth napkins

It’s one thing to pin away at a collection of boards on Pinterest, but as a way to make myself get active about what I “say” I’m going to make I thought I’d start a weekly feature on the blog.  “Completely Pinteresting” will chronicle all kitchen-based projects I’ve set out to tackle.  First up, cloth napkins.

I had such a great time embellishing some cloth napkins this weekend!  I planned on sewing up the napkins myself, but I snagged some plain napkins that were on sale.  I’ve been pinning away at some design ideas, as I already talked about here.  I got some Martha Stewart all purpose paint and got to work.

I made stencils using adhesive stencil sheets where you draw the design and then cut it out with an X-acto knife.  It then sticks to your surface, and you can get several uses out of them.  Not exactly great for storage/long term use, but it made doing repeated designs much easier. Yes!  I used a sponge to apply the paint.

1. Cut a stencil using the art that accompanies the book Printing By Hand (Lena Corwin)

2. Cut triangles based on the art on the front of Anthology Magazine

3. Rectangles created a gingham-ish pattern

And, I also used stencils that have been sitting on the shelf for entirely too long!

1. Stencil Decor 101 (Ed Roth)

2. Martha Stewart ferns

Major tip: Go light with the paint – this way it won’t go through the fabric and give you a stiff, uncomfortable napkin.  Yes!  Happy stenciling!

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A break in the chaos, and kitchen planning

I am the person decked out in coordinating Christmas colors, in a fashionably appropriate way, of course.  I am the person who would wear a New Year’s Eve crown all day long if I would have thought about it before now.  I get completely excited to open gifts, and even more excited in a way that verges on fainting when I give people “the perfect gift.”  I get so wrapped up in family traditions around the holidays, and am now obsessed with creating countless new family traditions every year.  Most of which, I think I’ve already forgotten.  This kind of enthusiasm is tiresome.  Exhausting, really.  This doesn’t mean I will ever change, I love the chaos of it all.  I was smiling as I was wrapping presents at midnight on Christmas Eve.  Any sort of grief or frustration will be forgotten by next December when it all kicks into high gear again.  It’s why people can have more than one child; ladies are ready for another go at it once the pain of child birth fades away.

Today I woke up today completely happy.  I am so in love with January 3rd.  Nothing pressing on our agendas, no more holiday themed baking, and we’re able to fall back into our regular daily routines.  And, I’ve had such a great time brainstorming fun and interesting things to do with this blog/project, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

The freedom of getting past the holidays means those winter projects that have just been conversations over morning coffee or dinner, will actually be given real attention.  I’m sure if you’ve been following along you know what I am most excited to renovate!  I posted about my counter-space-deprived kitchen from 1888 here, and have been planning creating a virtual dream kitchen on Pinterest, and also an idea board from magazines I’ve been scouring for ideas.  Seriously, our house is that old and I’m not sure the kitchen has ever been touched since.  My goal is to tackle it slowly, so I hope to be updating you every now and then on the many DIY-ish improvements I am determined to make!

The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • cement counter tops
  • new floor
  • ceiling fix-ups
  • wall…um, flare? (Wall paper, decorations, shelves…)
  • new tile back splash
  • looking into new storage/space solutions
  • new sink
  • Revamping the cupboards (maybe new ones? Maybe painting the old ones with chalkboard paint?)

So, here’s to welcoming a new year with new projects, and making all things we’ve been pinning actually come to life!