Gold Medals for Everyone!

I’m getting all the stuff ready for Jack’s Olympic 3rd birthday party: busily Modge-Podging medals, designing the winners’ podium, planning a few games, and downloading the National Anthem.  Lucky little guy’s birthday lands right in the middle of the Olympics, so it’s perfect really.  Since it’s for a kid’s party, I thought it would be fun for them to kind of look like a kid made his or her own medal.  So excited for everyone to wear a medal!

I printed them off, and used Modge Podge to affix them to cardboard, then I hot glued some ribbon to the back.  I wanted to share a printable PDF with you, in case you know people that have Olympic fever like I do and would appreciate a medal of their own.  Nine medals come on the sheet, so print off a few if you want to beat Michael Phelps’ medal count.

Just click the photo below to download the PDF!  Enjoy! 


Completely Pinteresting: Blueberry Jam

After coming home with several pounds of blueberries a couple days ago, it was time to make a decision – blueberry pie or blueberry jam.  I’ve never made jam before, so I went with that option.  There are a great many wonderful things about Pinterest, one of them being the search option.  I love pinning things, and keeping track of things I’m doing and that inspire me.  So far with my Completely Pinteresting feature, which has become a weekly thing on my blog, I’ve focused on kitchen-related projects.  It’s fun to share other aspects of Pinterest!

I decided to skip the Google option (gasp!) and decided to do a Pinterest search for ‘Blueberry Jam’. Amazing results.  It’s fun to see what’s been pinned a lot, people’s comments, and so many options.  I read through many of them, and decided to fuse a bunch of them together to get the method I used.

Turns out, this is my jam.  I love the stuff – so good on toast!  I can’t wait to mix it into some plain yogurt!  Yum!

My blueberry jam recipe, and downloadable PDFs after the jump!

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Freebie: Valentine Foodie Gift Labels!

I am so very excited to share these foodie gift labels with you!  I shared some that I painted around Christmas time, and was super excited about another batch – this time with a mild Valentine’s Day theme.  I’m no graphic designer, but I think they turned out pretty cute!

I used scalloped scissors, a heart hole punch, a little heart stamp I made from a pencil eraser, lots of yarn and craft paper to jazz up some food I’m sharing with friends and neighbors.  I printed some on card stock, and some on sticker paper.  There are endless possibilities – these could even be used year-round!   I’d love to see how you end up using them!  Enjoy!

(PDF download has 12 on a page.  Please feel free to pass this along, and links back to this post would be oh so kindly appreciated! xo)
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