A 3rd Birthday Party for a little Olympian

We were all set for a superhero birthday party.  Well, that is I knew what I wanted to do for the party – I hadn’t made anything yet.  This was one of those instances where procrastination pays off, because as soon as the Olympics began and Jack was in love with them, we had a total change of plans.  The ideas instantly started flowing – there needed to be a torch, lots of games for all the kiddos to play, a medal stand, and International flags all over the place!  Game on!

I wanted to do this party as frugally as possible, so I made the majority of the decorations from stuff we already had around the house.  We did buy ribbon for the medals, and Gatorade for all to drink.  It is the Olympics after all!  I had my eye on little plates and straws, but I forgot to buy them!  All the kiddos took home gift bags fit for champions, including medals, a granola bar, noise makers for cheering on teammates, and wrist sweatbands.  The day before the party I was talking with some mama friends at the park and I mentioned that I was torn whether I wanted to make cupcakes or a big cake.  My friend Shannon said, “What about those ice cream cone cupcakes.  Kids love those.”  I immediately screamed, “THEY CAN BE MINI TORCHES!”  I don’t remember the last time I was so excited.  It was just perfect!

Jack requested a cake with blueberries and strawberries, so that’s exactly what he got.  For those curious, it’s a basic yellow cake, with a vanilla bean sugary frosting and blueberry-strawberry filling.  We didn’t even slice into it because everyone was having their fill with the torches.  Jack was on the move all day, with his blue Gatorade mustache, and wearing the little shirt I made him for the party.  Iron-on letters are so much fun!  We had the Olympics on the TV, and one of his adorable little pals screamed “Jack’s party is on the TV!”

It was such a hot, sweaty day and I think the two conversations I could muster up were involving two points: how hot it was and how amazed I was that Jack was already three!  Well, technically he turns three tomorrow (August 7).  But, THREE!  Honestly, that blows my mind!  I could go on and on about that, really, but I’ll save you from the blubbery mess of my child growing so fast, and how proud I am of the polite, kind, adventurous little dude we have.

I am just so excited the party turned out to be a lot of fun.  I was so busy running around, but I managed to take some photos of the day.  (I have no photos of his 2nd birthday party, which was pretty adorable).  My one regret from this one: I forgot to play the National Anthem (that I bought on iTunes on my phone just for this occasion) when they were taking turns on the medal stand!  ha!  Pretty sure they had a great time regardless.


Gold Medals for Everyone!

I’m getting all the stuff ready for Jack’s Olympic 3rd birthday party: busily Modge-Podging medals, designing the winners’ podium, planning a few games, and downloading the National Anthem.  Lucky little guy’s birthday lands right in the middle of the Olympics, so it’s perfect really.  Since it’s for a kid’s party, I thought it would be fun for them to kind of look like a kid made his or her own medal.  So excited for everyone to wear a medal!

I printed them off, and used Modge Podge to affix them to cardboard, then I hot glued some ribbon to the back.  I wanted to share a printable PDF with you, in case you know people that have Olympic fever like I do and would appreciate a medal of their own.  Nine medals come on the sheet, so print off a few if you want to beat Michael Phelps’ medal count.

Just click the photo below to download the PDF!  Enjoy!