Completely Pinteresting: Geometric Clay Magnets

I’ve been so in love with geometric shapes lately, and have already shared about how much I adore these magnets on my blog a few months ago. They’re incredibly beautiful.  And these earrings are perfect! So last night while catching up with Mad Men – we watched the first three episodes of season 5! – I decided to get out some Fimo clay to play around with.  Have you used the stuff?  You can make anything, then you bake it in the oven.

With one eye on Don Draper and the other on this little project, I used my hands to set the basic shape of each magnet and then a knife to flatten things out and clean up the lines.  I got better with each one I did, I must say.  Once baked, you just affix a magnet to the back.  Easiest DIY project ever.