Not on the Menu: Goat Cheese

I will never eat goat cheese.  I know that’s a very bold statement for someone who likes food so much.  I just needed to get that out there, seeing how I recently confessed to hating beets as well.  I’m not super picky though, it’s really these two things that are a permanent “never” on the list of things I will eat.

(Photo: Examiner)

Goat cheese tastes like goats smell, and I’ve been around goats.  (And goats stink!)  I recently thought I’d try to venture out and taste the tiniest piece to see… I’m not even sure what I was trying to see.  It was disgusting.  Now there are other cheeses that I am not a huge fan of, but I would definitely tolerate.  I would never choose bleu cheese or brie on anything.  But, I would definitely tolerate them if they were placed in front of me.  I could live in a world without feta, but I’m not going to lose my mind if it sneaks its way onto my plate.  Goat cheese though?  Nope.  And what’s the worst thing in the world to me?  Everyone’s always pairing goat cheese with beets.  I think I’ve had nightmares where Freddy Kruger was trying to make me eat something like this:

(Photo: My Recipes)