Friday Favorites

This photo is one of my favorites – my dad, grandpa, and some guy behind that pole.  Being on the water is such a happy part of the summertime. 

I am so excited about all the little side projects and collaborations and contributions that I’m happy to throw out into the world.  It’s fun, I’m doing things I love, and staying so very busy.  And, so very tired lately!  I think it’s the heat, staying up late and waking up early, and not enough coffee.  I have a grand plan to tackle the beginnings of a cabinet makeover in the kitchen this weekend…we’ll see how that goes.  The lake and sprinklers, birthday parties and lazy brunches just may take priority.

Here are some things I’ve been watching, eying, and adoring:

I love this lady’s hair!  And this braid, too!   I am adoring braids, thinking back to the days when I would have my mom braid my hair, right up until I moved out of the house for college.  Whenever I visit, I’m still always trying to get her to braid my hair.  I guess I’ll just have to try out this tutorial today!

If you haven’t watched this yet, you must!  It gets me all weepy and sentimental for California, and the outdoors in general.

Addicted to the wood category here.  So lovely.

Just got this beautiful print of the Kalamazoo neighborhoods.  If you live here, or ever did, you should get one!

I’m feeling gutsy, and I think I want to paint something like this pattern on the wall of our staircase.

Happy Weekend!  Happy Summer!


Friday Favorites

I rarely share photos of myself anywhere.  I’m not good at taking photos of myself, because, well, it’s hard.  And I usually veto any photos of myself for so many reasons.  (I should stop doing that because I am going to have no photos of myself.)  SO!  Recently I needed a headshot, and so I had Dan take some photos of me  in his photo studio he has for shooting moped parts.  I squeezed in between moped seats and handle bars in order to say cheese a few times.  I instantly get awkward and goofy.  I smile a lot in my life, but smiling looking at a camera feels so strange.  I thought I’d share some outtakes from that adventure.  Most of the photos look like these weird ones, I did get a few worthy of sharing professionally though.  So that’s good.

And onto just a few Friday favorites!

I have been so excited to see the Herriott Grace film.  There was a little teaser trailer last week, and the anticipation has been building.  I am going to get a rolling pin from them, and seeing him work on the lathe was pretty magical.  My friend and I watched it together, and at one point we looked at each other and realized we were crying!  It’s beautiful, really.  And so completely inspiring. The craftsmanship of the products, the Canadian scenery, Lance Herriott’s life story – it’s all awe-inspiring.  But it’s definitely the father-daughter relationship and the way they are both so passionate about their roles in their amazing little shop that brought tears to my eyes.  Father’s Day is coming up, and I just wanted to get inthe car and find my dad and hug him.

I’m going to have a flower-crown-making party!

And, at that party we’ll make these mojitos!

My friend Rosanna has a lovely letterpress studio, The Iron Curtain Press, in Los Angeles.  I am so in love with everything she’s putting out into the world!  Such good stuff!  I’m such a sucker for letterpress!

And finally, a quote from this week: “WOW! I didn’t know you can toast almonds! Cool! … Well, now I know everything in the whole wide world.” – Maci, age 4

I’ve had such a busy week of preparing for the farmers’ market (you’ll be there, right?!), doing a fun photo shoot for a restaurant, and writing a grant for a teen summer writing workshop (fingers crossed!).  I hope your weekend promises to be wonderful!  I am going to be SO BUSY today baking, baking, baking!  So excited to share photos of our Whisk Bakeshop adventures on Monday!

Happy weekend!


Friday Favorites

I had a lot of leftover caramel from the brioche bread pudding, and I had a thought of just putting it in jars like I did here, and then giving it to friends.  My friend Krystal, (I’ve mentioned her before – her family is staying with us while they hunt for a house!) mentioned making little caramels.  SOLD!  I love parchment paper, and cutely wrapped sweets, and caramels.  So instead of giving it away in jars, I will be eating it all in perfectly delicious wrapped packages.  After I uploaded these photos, I went and grabbed another one.  I’m trying to leave some in the jar in the fridge for everyone else.  Trying.

While I could just leave my Friday Favorites post at the salted caramels and be perfectly happy, there are a great many things people are doing out there, and I want to be sure to point them out.

This Walnut Encrusted Tempeh looks amazing!!!

I am so in love with every video from Andrew and Carissa Gallo!  After watching this, I feel like I was at the Philadelphia Kinfolk dinner!  (I will be heading to the June dinner in Toronto though!  CRAZY EXCITED!)

I am so down with summer’s greatest hits from Madewell.  I wish my wardrobe was entirely Madewell.

Journals are one of my favorite things to collect. I’m TOTALLY in love with these: Rifle Paper Co., Minted, Postalco, & Hello Lucky!

With how quickly the summer is going to fly by, I’ve got to get crackin’ planning a little dude’s 3rd (!!!) birthday party!  I’ll be pinning like a mad woman here!

This weekend promises to be super hot, so to Lake Michigan we flee!  Hope your weekend is going to be wonderful!


Friday Favorites

We’ve had a fun week welcoming our newly-relocated-from-Seattle-friends to Kalamazoo, and showing them around our lovely town.  They’re an adorable family of three and their little lady is about a year older than Jack – they’re instant buddies.  It’s so fun to watch them pal around all day while they stay with us for a bit.  My favorite moment between them is when she asked him if she looked beautiful, and he affirmed she looked just like Minnie Mouse.  That’s the best compliment to a four-year old little lady, I suppose.  Too cute!

I love Lost Type.  I’ve been so addicted to acquiring new fonts lately!

This Earthquake Survival Kit is brilliant!  I love what Matt and Kasey have going on over there!

I am in love with this print!  I want it over my desk.

I don’t need any more mugs, but I NEED this mug.

This series about moving to San Francisco via the Bold Italic is pretty perfect too!  We used to live in the Lower Haight.

Any time crafts are merged with food, I’m all in!  This is perfect!

Oh! Go check to see the winner of the Sugar Cube cookbook!

I can’t wait for a busy weekend of making birthday cakes (my first special order!), starting a fun photo project, and working on mapping out an exciting new summer writing workshop (fingers crossed with this one!).



Friday Favorites

Oh, Friday!  Here again, old friend!  Happy to see you so soon!

I made the cake pictured above for a dear friend’s birthday yesterday.  I used this recipe, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome!  I dare say it’s the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made.  Perfect moisture and flavor.  YUM!  And I am pretty much in love with the photos.  Two cakes in a week!  I’m a cake-makin’ machine!

I’m excited to make these drinks this weekend.

This is going to be our brunch on Sunday!

These photos me want to be in California RIGHT NOW! (just for a visit!)

This strawberry picking adventure looks magical.  I want to go to there.

This treehouse is pretty darn magical too!

Oh, and I’m probably going to be wearing a scarf like this for the rest of my life.

Happy Friday!  Our friends are moving here from Seattle NEXT WEEK, and are staying with us until they find a place!  We’ll be spending a bit of the weekend getting ready (and so excited!) for their arrival!  Jack is going to have a live-in pal for a bit.  So excited!

Hope your long weekend is wonderful!


Friday Favorites

Even though I stay home with Jack and I usually blur weekdays together (Is it Thursday? Tuesday?  Whoa, it’s really Wednesday?), Fridays are still Fridays and the weekend is something to get excited about.  Hooray for Fridays!

This recipe for Brown Butter Banana Bread from Kinfolk looks amazing, and a must try this weekend.

I am so excited for Moonrise Kingdom!  Definitely seeing it opening night next week!

My friends got me hooked, and I’m in love with Bananagrams.

One of these rings would look lovely on one of my fingers!  Just not sure what I want it to say…

I want to find a spot for this lamp – looks like a fun project!

Speaking of DIY, turning an old map into magnets sounds like a perfect idea!

Oh!  After years of putting it off, we started watching Mad Men this week.  Seven episodes in three days has given me a couple nights of Mad Men-era dreams.

Hope your weekend promises to be whatever you need it to be.  Relaxing, exciting, productive…Happy weekend!


Friday Favorites

This is one of my favorite simple breakfasts, and a good way to start out this Friday.  Today is one of those days where there’s so much to say, but I don’t want to say it.  Not because it’s controversial or offensive – that’s why people usually bite their tongues, right?  I just don’t have the energy to find the words to express the chaos that is my brain right now.  It’s a subway terminal at 5:10 pm up there.  Pure craziness – ideas and projects and to-do lists and goals and wants and needs all elbowing each other to get a seat on the train.  Sheesh!  Taking this weekend to slow down and enjoy the people I love.  Hopefully you’ll find time to do the same!

Here’s some good & random stuff:

This print and these jars make me want to can things all day every day.

I need prescription sunglasses, really badly!  These are cute!

My favorite Tumblr, ever.  “I want to go to there” has never rung more true for me.

I want this print to float over my head as a reminder.  No, I want to be able to see it.  It should just pop up in front of my face when I need to see it.

Oh, have you read this letter yet?  Such a good read!

And, watch this trailer.  It’s good.

Have a happy weekend!


Friday Favorites

For my Friday Favorites I wanted to share two amazing recipes I’ve improvised this week and how I was inspired to make them.  You can use them verbatim, or experiment with your own additions!

1.  Okay.  Kale is everywhere right now – like the chevron (not the gas company, but rather the rad design) of the food lovin’ world.  I love chevron, and I so want to love raw kale.  I don’t.  It’s not like goat cheese though, I actually want to like raw kale.  I’d just like to show up places snacking on it like some kind of cool bunny.  It was reading about it here that pushed me over the edge.  I improvised the recipe a bit this morning.  It was instant love for me.  Not sure if it was just in my head, but I really felt great this morning.  My sweet husband gave it a shot and was less in love.  He said he’d have one once in a blue moon, if that blue moon meant a half smoothie once a year for some kind of spring cleanse.  I, on the other hand, will be enjoying this a few times a week.

My kale breakfast smoothie: 2 1/2 cups raw kale, 1 banana, 1 tsp. cocoa powder, approx. 1/4 cup Liberté coconut yogurt, 1 tsp. golden flax seed, 4 strawberries, and enough ice to make the perfect smoothie consistency.  Blend it up and drink it down!

2.  I grabbed this Tupperware set for popsicle making from my parents’ house a long time ago.  Every time we go through our kitchen drawers and cupboards I cling to this as Dan is trying to pry it from my hands to the donation pile.  I think we used them once growing up, and I’ve yet to use them since they’ve been in my possession.  Today was HOT, and I saw this photo on Instagram from Katie of Katie’s Pencil Box.  The stars lined up – the pineapple sitting on my counter rejoiced  and I could use more of my favorite yogurt!  (I cannot speak highly enough about this yogurt, folks.  Favorite stuff.  It’s a good addiction to have.)

My popsicle recipe: 3/4 of a pineapple, 1 c. Liberté coconut yogurt, 1 banana, around 2-3 Tbsp. dried coconut flakes.  Blend together, pour in molds and freeze!

My mom got me a Magic Bullet when I was making Jack’s baby food, and it’s another something in the kitchen rarely used.  Dusted that ol’ gem off today, and now I plan on making nothing but popsicles and smoothies all summer.  Literally.

P.S. I’m over on Amanda Jane’s lovely blog today in a ‘My Better Half’ post!  We had such a fun day with her and Cree, and were honored to be a part of her amazing series!


Friday Favorites

I am so happy it’s Friday.  It’s been week full of juggling projects I am so in love with, minor breakdowns, my boys feeling under the weather, some greater-than-minor breakdowns, so many laughs, feeling super confident, feeling not-so-confident, eating such amazing homemade food, eating too many french fries, and being totally inspired by friends and people I don’t even really know.  You know, a lot of this stuff is the normal wave of life, but this week it just felt that much more intense.  I’m sure you can relate, we’ve all been there.

With this hectic week, I’ve been disconnected from the Internet, other than my own little bubble of stuff.  So my favorites today are just colors and photos I really love today.  Have a happy weekend.  I hope there is one moment this weekend where you’re laughing so hard you’re crying, your sides hurt, and you’re somewhat concerned you just may pee your pants.


Friday Favorites

(Illustrations: the lovely Heather Diane)

My most favorite Friday thing is Heather Diane and her blog, Illustrated Bites.  Pairing illustration and food is so brilliant!  And, to even add to the amazing-ness?  AND SHE HAS AN ILLUSTRATED POP UP BOOK!  (As a former science teacher, my heart skipped a beat at this!)  Oh!  She’s a sign painter!  Some people dream of alternate professions, or what they want to be doing when they’re old and gray.  That sort of fantasy for me is being a sign painter.  I love painted signs.  So much!  If you’re in San Francisco, you should check out her show at the Curiosity Shoppe running April 14th – May 25th.  I wish I could because I’m such an instant super fan!

In other news, have you seen this Yayoi Kusama’s illustrations for Alice and Wonderland?

Counting down to see this movie.  And, going to watch this one this weekend.

I’m also going to make granola this weekend.

I like this By The Book review from Lena Dunham in the New Yorker.

Loving the band The Head and The Heart.  This video is lovely.

I hope your Friday and the coming weekend is wonderful!