Friday Favorites

Summer is barely hanging on.  There’s only a fraction on my day where wearing pants seems strange.  We start and finish our days snuggled beneath blankets.  Being warm, too warm, in the afternoon is a novel thing once again because we know there’s an end in sight.  An end in sight that includes apple crisps and warm soups for dinner, my favorite sweaters, and socks back on my feet.  I adore socks.  We’re learning the routine of a a few morning of preschool every week, and I’m learning how to extremely productive with a few hours.  Learning, is the key word there.

I always have chocolate sauce on hand, and I always adore her writing.

So excited about this book.

I’m making my last recipe today, and this is my motto.

If you’ve been following along, you probably have noticed I’m kind of (understatement) a fan of Parks & Recreation.  Anything I ever talk about has something to do with food, my child, and/or Parks & Rec, and most often a combination of those things.  I could watch this video every single day for the rest of my life.

Someone find me this boat, I’d like to get on.

As always, I hope all is well and your weekend will be wonderful.  I’m taking a deep breath, baking the last recipe today, and celebrating with friends tonight.


Friday Favorites

I recently wrote a feature for the Kinfolk journal about Salt of the Earth, an amazing restaurant here in Michigan.  I thought I’d share a few extra photos here today.  Everyone needs to eat there.  So amazing!

I adore Wayfare!  Have you seen it?

I could watch this blooper reel all day every day.  So excited for the new season!

Off to Mackinac Island to eat fudge and ride bikes this weekend!  Can’t wait for the chilly weather that’s been forecasted!  GIMME SWEATERS!  GIMME PANTS!

Have a wonderful weekend!  And, don’t forget to go leave a comment for a chance to win the Tartine cookbook!


Friday Favorites

Jack wearing Dan’s helmet is always a favorite!

Fall is my favorite season to get dressed, and these guys do not disappoint this season!  I look forward to pants and long sleeves – I dream of such days.

Cherry Hand Pies!  Strawberry Rhubarb Sweet Rolls!  Boozy Rootbeer Floats!

The Toronto journal post over on Kinfolk – a serious highlight of my summer!

Cannot wait to make more mini brioche, like these here!  The Swedish pearl sugar really makes it!  I also cannot wait to head to France in November, where I will scoop up some copper canelé molds so I can make these!

And, don’t forget: I’m giving away a Tartine cookbook with the last three recipes in the cookbook!  Enter here for a chance to win the first one!

Happy Friday, friends!  I’ll be shipping out a bazillion packages that have been patiently waiting for me to send them off, sleeping in, and checking off a mile-long to-do list!  Three day weekend!



Friday Favorites

A little shot over my desk, here at home.

Hey!  If you have a Facebook page for your blog, your shop, your whatever, this post from Alison Presley is incredibly helpful!

These Moonrise Kingdom plush dolls are genius!  Have you seen the movie?  I adore it, and these dolls!  I want a Bill Murray plush doll – I do have a framed photo of him on our mantel.

I want to make this exact purse!  So in love with geometric patterns!

I adore every single thing about this photo of Jennifer Lawrence.

I got super weepy listening to this week’s “This American Life” episode, ‘Our Friend David’.  I adore David Rakoff, and will listen to this episode a few more times.  The bit about being Canadian and Shania Twain was spot on, so hilarious.  I feel inspired, as a writer and storyteller, hearing him tell stories.  He will be missed.

This interview for Great Food Photos with Andrea Gentl of Gentl and Hyers about photography is amazing.  While I don’t consider myself a photographer, it’s something I aim to get better at.  The interview is inspiring, and this particular snippet is applicable for so many of us, whatever you’re trying to creatively pursue: “I try to make pictures that come from my own vision and inspiration. It is not always easy, but I believe if you stay true to yourself and do not chase others you will be happier for it. You will find that you have an endless well of inspiration that comes from within.”

Happy a happy, inspiring weekend full of fun!


Friday Favorites

We went to the zoo this week with a dear friend who was in town visiting.  I have so many photos of the giraffes, and this brachiosaurus.  (It’s not real)  I also have a great many photos of all the goats at the petting zoo – they’re all named after Harry Potter characters!!!  How adorable is that?! Harry, Seamus, Hermoine!  The Weasleys all looked alike and Hagrid was a huge goat!  So sweet.

These do-it-yourself business cards from Oana, and these from Melinda are inspiring and gorgeous.

I’m slightly obsessed with The Way We Ate!

I was pretty stoked to be over on Apartment Therapy Family this week!

I want to spend some time here with a good book.

Excited to make these for our bedroom!

AND!  I’m so excited to announce the winner of the Tartine bread cookbook giveaway!  It was so much fun reading all the ways everyone enjoys eating good bread!  I announced it on the giveaway post, but I will here too – Thanks to the random number generator, congratulations is in order to comment #22: Sue!  I enjoy a good Monte Cristo, too!  (Send an email with your address to: kastner (dot) emily (at) gmail (dot) com!)

Hope everyone’s weekend ahead is wonderful!


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  It’s been a busy day getting ready for family and friends who are coming into town to celebrate Jack’s 3rd birthday, but I wanted to quickly share these amazing blocks our friend Serene sent to us from Sacramento!  We are all loving them so much – instant fun for all!

Whenever I see photos of our home away from home, like this post, I miss it so much!

These rings have shot to the top of my wishlist.  I want Dan and Jack rings, and to stack them on the same finger!

Loving this interview.

Always on the hunt for easy braid updos!

I have many embroidery hoops, thinking of doing something like this.

Happy weekend!  Ours promises to be lots and lots of fun!


It’s Friday again

I spent the last three days thinking it was Friday.  That makes for quite the confusing week, let me tell you.  I just felt tired all week.  I was planning on having a booth filled with delicious baked goods at the market this Saturday, but lacking the motivation early in the week meant I had to make a decision early on.  I opted for no market, just some time to gather my bearings for many projects and collaborations on the horizon, and getting my act together planning little dude’s 3rd birthday party.  Oh my.  He’s going to be three soon!  That’s wild!

I was completely excited to get a little package from my pal Yas who runs the beautiful Quill & Fox with her husband.  I am jumping for joy with the recipe cards in hand, and for some fun collaborations we have coming up!

My friend Sarah’s blog The Rusty Raccoon is a beautiful account of her journey as a single mama.  She’s a beautiful writer, and her little Shoshana is one precious little lady.

This post from Katie’s Pencil Box about her son playing baseball is adorable!  Her blog is always beautiful.

Looking for dinner ideas this weekend?  What Katie Ate is a go-to for inspiration for me.  I can’t wait for the fall to make that veggie lentil soup!!!  (I’m on a bit of a Katie kick here today.)

After reading this and this I’m ready for a trip to Iceland.

I’d like this necklace.

Thanks, Nikole – I adore this song!  It’s the perfect soundtrack for summer nights.

Happy weekend, all!  I look forward to a relaxing weekend with no real plans.  That’s always nice to have in these busy summer months.




Friday Favorites

1. Juice Cup // 2. Pickle Jar // 3. Fieldguided Tote // 4. Forged Flatware // 5. Weck Jar

Happy Friday!  I thought I’d switch it up a bit and share a little collage of things I’m currently coveting.  And also, part of my Friday Favorites would be this tutorial from Pugly Pixel in order to make the cute paper doll cut out effect of the collage.

We’re currently at a point in the kitchen where many of the matching glasses have been broken and pieces of flatware have up and run away, leaving us with quite the odd mix of things.  I’m seriously crushing on that juice glass and that forged flatware!  I adore that little gem from Fieldguided – one can never have too many totes, as I am always toting around something.  Oh, and I have a serious jar addiction, and am running out of places for all the jars I acquire on a somewhat regular basis.  But I always need them!  I NEED ALL THE JARS!

. . .

p.s.  On another note, speaking of favorites and all, a couple of my favorite people in the world are currently navigating some life changing news.  My dear friend Sara, just 27-years-old, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  (I so want to punch cancer in the face!)  They want to have kiddos some day, but in order to do so need to undergo some fertility treatment which is not covered by insurance.  If you feel so inclined to read a bit more about them, or even to donate, you can find more information here.  They are such giving, loving, and supportive friends.  Thank you!


Friday Favorites

My photo collage is pretty busy looking, as is the case for my week.  So many good things happening – a weekly Freaks and Geeks revival, Fourth of July fun, and amazing records on loan from my dad.  Did you grab the free PDF I made this week?

I adore rubber stamps, and making stamps of all sorts too.  These are especially adorable!

This interview with Louis CK.  He’s a smart, inspiring dude.  And funny, of course.

For the first time I can remember I skipped fireworks (WHOA!  I LOVE A FIREWORKS DISPLAY) to watch a movie with my fella.  We saw The Amazing Spiderman in 3D!  The 3D part was an accident, but after I got over the glasses on top of glasses situation, I was sold.  I thought I didn’t like 3D movies because I seem to remember feeling sick while watching them.  I guess 3D technology is quite advanced, because I only felt sick after eating too much popcorn and then walking back outside into the heat wave we’re currently in the midst of.

And, of course Volume 4 is one of my favorites this week!  Be sure you take a look at the promo video, too!  It’s beautiful!

This is such a lovely and gorgeous read.

Another favorite today: the conversations we’re starting to have with Jack, and his observations of the world.  We were driving back from my parents’ yesterday and he overheard me mention a roast house.  “What’s a roast house?”  Dan went on to explain how coffee beans are grown, then roasted, and then explained the familiar-to-Jack process of grinding and making coffee.  Jack asked to hear the story five times, then responded with, “Oh, I love that.”


Friday Favorites

Yesterday was so very hot.  We started out the day with some sprinkler fun, which was so adorable to watch – that unintentional coordinated swimwear called for some photos.  I tried to edit it down to one photo.  Impossible.  The cuteness must be shared!

I am so in love with Mandi’s blog.  I love stumbling onto new blogs! I do have a special spot for Midwest, as it’s home and is even tattooed on my collar bone.

This gutsy DIY project would be so much fun to tackle!

I am willing my hair to grow longer so that I can make this possible.

Amanda has been on a roll this week with so many ‘My Better Half’ posts!  Loving Nate and Katie on there today!

AH! A coffee chocolate milkshake?  Thanks, Some Kitchen Stories!  So many favorites all in one!

My friends just opened a new restaurant – Vinsetta Garage!  (The same friends who gifted me with the Tartine cookbook when we got married and had recently moved to San Francisco!!!)  Nicole Dula, a dear blogger pal, wrote a lovely post about the place!

This weekend will definitely involve trying to stay cool in any way possible – it’s going to be hot!  This lemonade concoction shall be in my future.

I hope your weekend is completely amazing.  Happy Friday!