Completely Pinteresting: Cake Stand

I use the same cake stand every time I need to use such a thing.  I actually have two of the same stand.  They double as punch bowls, so, I mean, life isn’t terrible.  I just desire some variety displaying cakes, pies and tarts.  While I covet beauties like this (and every other thing at that shop!) I need to find some on the cheap and cheaper.  Mission: Cake Stand Thrift is in effect.

Easiest stand ever.  I spray painted a thrifted stand and glued it to a plate.  Done and done.  I had grand visions of finding a gorgeous piece of wood to affix to it, but ended up with the plate.  I still have that grand vision for another stand.  So many cake stands to make!  I have a spot in our house that I want to put a shelf where I am going to display all of my cake stands.  It’s going to be very lovely someday.


Completely Pinteresting: Alphabet Magnets

All of my Completely Pinteresting crafty projects have something to do with the kitchen, in one way or another.  Magnets attach to the fridge, the fridge is in the kitchen – so this is not too far of a stretch here.  A few weeks ago a friend and I were headed to the park with our little dudes and we stumbled on a pile of thick branches that had been cut off of a tree.  I immediately thought of this project, and even though the branch wasn’t as wide as needed to make a cake stand, I knew I could do something with them!  The park is just a few blocks away from home, so I started to fill up my arms.  The little guys insisted on helping – even though it was crazy hot out and the branches were pretty much as tall as each of them.  The pace was slow, they wouldn’t let go of the branches, so we eventually hauled them all the way home.  And it was worth it.

Dan got to work on the chop saw for me, and made many little discs, each about 1/4” thick.  Then, I got to work with a paintbrush and some magnetic tape.  Magnets on a dispenser!  Genius!

The possibilities are really endless!  This set was a birthday present, and I made Jack some with the letters of his name, as well.  So glad I stumbled on those branches!  What a fun project!  I’m pretty sure these branches were headed to some kind of wood chipper, so now they’re living a happy post-tree life decorated on a fridge.


Completely Pinteresting: Color Splash Market Basket

The best accessory at the farmers’ market is a good basket.  You see people toting really fancy high-tech baskets, that most likely cost a small fortune.  While it’s been tempting to fork over the dough, I wanted to travel the cost-affective route.  I was totally inspired by these amazing dip-dyed baskets, but trying to find the exact basket I wanted proved time consuming.  And then the process of dipping the basket in latex paint seemed messy and annoying.  I just didn’t want to deal with it, especially since Jack’s teething molar situation has turned him into a tiny Hulk.  He’ll be perfectly happy and then something makes him snap – yesterday it happened leaving the grocery store.  He wanted to use that claw toy machine, and when I said “Not today” he lost it.  L’il Hulk was thrashing and screaming and when I tried to carry him he screamed, “Stop biting me!”  So yeah, I wasn’t about to add fifty more stops to find other paint.

I opted for hot pink.  I’ve haven’t done that on my own since I was seven years old.  One of my best friends was my college roommate.  She insisted to paint two walls of our kitchen bright pink, and I let her.  I loved it.  It’s not often I choose pink though, but it just seemed like a perfect splash of color for the market.  I initially taped it off to create the “dipped” effect.  It didn’t look right, so I then I opted for an almost-ombre color splash.

I love it so much I asked Dan for an impromptu photo session right there in our yard.!  At half off my basket only cost me $3, and the can of spray paint was $2. Super cheap! Can’t wait to head to the market!


Completely Pinteresting: Potluck Food Tags

I am such a fan of potlucks.  I just went to a lovely one last weekend – both the spread of food and the people were wonderful.  As is the case with any potluck, “What’s this?  This looks good – what is it?  What’s that?” were part of any conversation around the spread of food.  I’ve seen many versions of these DIY cheese plates, and was thinking a cute way to label food at a potluck would be extremely helpful.  So I got to work.

Have you used FIMO modeling clay?  I love the stuff.  You roll it out however you like, and bake it for 30 minutes.  I liked the randomness of shapes in this first batch, and next time I’m going to use some tiny cookie cutters.  I got a bag of hair clips, and affixed them to the clay labels with super glue once they were cooled from the oven.  Let me tell you, I thought a lot about how exactly I wanted to put these together.  I decided on the hair clips so they didn’t have to actually stick in the food, and after some testing they securely sit on the edge of a lot of bowls and plates.

I’ve always known that the EXPO markers work on chalkboard surfaces.  Turns out they work even better on baked clay!  With a little bit of water, they wipe away so clean!  Marking food, warning people of things they avoid in their diets, letting people know who made something…the options are endless!


Completely Pinteresting: Nail + Yarn Word Art

In a fit of sudden inspiration, I grabbed the nearest hammer, nails and yarn I could find and got to work yesterday afternoon.  From start to finish, this took me around a half an hour to complete.  I saw this lovely project on Pinterest (originally from Jen Loves Kev) which reminded me of the beautiful threaded words of Dominique Falla.  Her work is completely awe-inspiring.  I didn’t really plan a lot, I just got to work. Of course, as is the case with impromptu crafting, as soon as I was done I already knew what I wanted to change about it.  But since there are nails in the wall, I decided to stick with what I’d already done.  And I do love, it, imperfections and all.

I wrote out the letters on paper, taped them to the wall, and hammered my nails right where I wanted them.  It’s pretty simple, actually.  I then ripped off the paper and wound the yarn around as randomly as possible.  The possibilities are endless: “fun,” people’s initials, simple shapes, and “I love ‘Parks and Recreation” all seem like viable options.  Well, almost all of those ideas seem viable.   Watch out everyone, you know what gift you’re receiving for any and every special occasion! 

Note: I am at peace with these dark photos.  This corner of the kitchen gets the best light these days around 8 pm, right before the sun sets, and right in the midst of our bedtime routine for the little dude.  So, this sub-par morning light will have to suffice.


Completely Pinteresting: Spray-Painted Glass Jars

This week’s little “Pinteresting” project, wasn’t really inspired by anything I saw on Pinterest.  I have this thing for collecting old jars.  If I am ever on reality teevee, it will be my 80-year-old self trapped in a room full of old root beer bottles and pickle jars on season number 1,234 of “Hoarders.”  (There’s definitely worse old junk to collect – I’ve seen too many episodes of that show!)

I opened a cupboard looking for place mats last night, and I stumbled on these ol’ jars, in various levels of completion.  They’ve been there for over a year!  I decided to finish them and save them from a sad life squirreled away in some dark corner of a cupboard I apparently never open.

I used some puffy paint (is that what you call it?  I mean, that’s what I called in in 7th grade when anything I considered “mine” was covered the stuff – socks, shirts, folders, and everything else), and then gave them each a few coats of flat white spray paint.  My favorite root beer bottle has “the one and only” right on the bottle, and it’s definitely my favorite one!

Honestly the quickest way to make a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.  I’m using two of them as vases, one is a planter with a succulent, and the other has a small candle in it.  I am so in love with these!


Completely Pinteresting: Stenciled Dining Room Rug

Our dining room floor has looked pretty naked for…well, forever.  I’ve had my eye on some gorgeous billion dollar rugs at some of my favorite places to screen shop.  (That’s my Internet slang equivalent for window shopping.  Someone probably already thought of that, but I’m going to go right ahead and feel original.)  My friend Laura is the queen of DIY projects, and I had to pin her dining room rug – it’s beautiful and she made it.  I decided to follow in her footsteps.  While tempted to go with the chevron theme, I opted for some inspiration from Marc Jacobs.

I grabbed the rug for $15 at Lowe’s, and it only came in one huge size, so I cut it to the exact size I wanted.  I was thinking of including a bold color, but I already had a can of white spray paint.  Although my stencil looks very “Star Trek”-esque, I was confident that once it was lined up in the patten, the rug wouldn’t look like something you’d find on the bridge of The Enterprise.

It really didn’t take that long to complete.  I didn’t mark any lines or really plan much.  I just started spray painting arrows, and it worked out pretty well.  Actually, I think it turned out even better than I had anticipated.  That’s always the best outcome, really.


Completely Pinteresting: Kitchen Magazine Rack

My magazines sit in a nicely in metal mail organizer thing that we grabbed at a school that was moving buildings.  I love it.  But whether it be on a mail organizer, or stacked on a shelf, such a life for some of my most favorite magazines is not a life at all.  Have you seen some of these gorgeous covers?  They’re art!  They should be be on display!  I had this exact thought the other day, so I jumped over to Pinterest.

After some perusing, I found this rack.  I also saw lots of other metal racks and baskets.  I wanted to use wood, and I even bought an old shutter, but it ended up being too large for the available wall space.

I opted for a wooden frame that was on sale for $9 and some dowel rods.  (I then called upon my craftsman to put it together.  He wants a serious shout out.)  I’m holding off on painting it, to see what color floor and tile we go with for the backsplash behind the sink.  I’ll probably end up painting it black?  I do like the raw wood frame, but I’m not crazy about the dowel rods.  After some serious back and forth, I think I’m okay with the lowest magazine hanging over the frame.  I think.  I do like the overall look, and changing up those magazines often will be pretty fun.


Completely Pinteresting: Crocheted Coasters

For those of you new around here, every week I share some sort of kitchen/home project I’ve been inspired to do/make through Pinterest.  I’ve already shared my love for Jennifer Causey’s blog, Simply Breakfast.  I keep seeing her crocheted coasters sneak into many of her photos, so I pinned away.    Honestly, once I saw them it was a complete “ah-ha!” moment for me.  This is my easiest “Completely Pinteresting” post to date!  I already had these squares laying around!  Easiest day of crafting ever!

I absolutely love crocheting, but the only thing I can make is granny squares.  I followed this tutorial, and now I am a granny-square-making machine!  They’re accumulating in piles, bags, and random corners of my craft room.  They’re really meant to be blankets, but I’ve yet to sew the vast majority of them together.  I look at them, guilt-ridden, and make lots of “I’m going to put taht blanket together this weekend!” promises.  They look pretty filling up a jar in my dining room, though.

This is just too perfect!  I can pretend like I intended to have 30-40 of these coasters, in all sorts of colors and types of yarn.  They’re perfect to have on hand for hot cups of coffee or a steaming mug of tea.  Everyone should have a few, if not three dozen of them.


Completely Pinteresting: Eggs in Avocado Slices

All of my ‘Completely Pinteresting” posts have been little projects in the kitchen.  I pin a lot of food too, and decided to share some inspiration for a little brunch we had a couple weeks ago.  I absolutely love poached eggs and avocado, so when I saw this delicious pin (originally posted on Food Beast) I had to replicate it!

Instead of baking the  a large avocado, I opted to sort of fry/poach eggs in smaller avocados.  I used a small round biscuit cutter to make the holes in the slices slightly bigger.  I put a little safflower oil in a pan, laid out all the sliced avocados in the pan, then cracked the eggs right into the holes.  I put a little water (approx. 2-3 tablespoons) into the pan, then covered it and cooked the eggs just until the yolks were cooked over.  Meanwhile, I chopped up the avocado that was left over from cutting the holes and mixed it with a little squeeze of lime, sea salt, and pepper.  I topped each avocado egg with that and some green onion.  So good!

A perfect way to impress a Sunday brunch crowd!