Completely Pinteresting: Chalkboard Kitchen Wall

I’ve been addicted to chalkboard paint.  I think everyone in my family got some sort of homemade item with chalkboard paint on it for Christmas.  I’m sure there’s a support group out there somewhere, but I’m not ready to admit it’s a problem.  Yet.  I’ve been pinning away at ways in incorporate this little obsession of mine into my kitchen.  For a while I was thinking of having chalkboard cabinets, like Elsie from ‘A Beautiful Mess.’  We’re opting for open cabinets (still makes me nervous!), so a simple wall seemed to be the best bet!  This wall that I saw originally on Design Sponge featuring Kirra Jamison is what totally inspired me.

I was going to post a “before” pic, but it was just white and boring.  Although I am super happy with what this wall brings to the kitchen, it’s not completely finished.  I want to find another place for the garbage can, and to find a stool for kitchen visitors in its place.  I’m on the hunt.  I hate that doorbell box, so I’m going to have Dan make a black cover for it.  I suggested spray painting it black, but he thinks that is a sin against all things antique.  I am so in love with this wall!  Writing menus, reminders, love notes, temporary wallpaper, favorite quotes, etc. is so very exciting!  I love to doodle.

Clearly, I need practice writing level on a wall.  It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been in a classroom!
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