Recipe #3: caramel apples

Who doesn’t love caramel apples?  To borrow a quip from my favorite lady-who-I-adore-but-don’t-know-in-real-life, Amy Poehler, you’ll love these “unless you’re made of wood and hate love.”  She was reviewing a classic movie, but it works here too.  I read the recipe and was promised “toothsome” caramel.  I love that word – toothsome.  And yes, this is the toothsomey caramel I’ve ever had.  I don’t even care that toothsomey is not a word, that’s just how much I loved it. 

I should say that making caramel apples is the easiest thing in the world.  I was slightly apprehensive – it did involve a candy thermometer after all, which implies precision, which made me nervous.

Kitchen note: The next time I do this, I’m going to definitely use wooden sticks rather than lollipop sticks.  The lollipop sticks are not as sturdy at their wooden cousins, which made sticking them into the apples mildly difficult.  Just mildly difficult.  Once we were eating these caramel apples from the lollipop sticks, it proved a bit more difficult.  I suppose if you lived in a world sans wooden sticks and only had a barrel of lollipop sticks to use for your caramel apples, I’d use the lollipop sticks with no hesitation.  These recipe for caramel apples is worth the hassle of flimsy handles, if need be.

So yeah, easiest prep ever: dump it all in the saucepan and watch that thermometer rise as it boils.  So easy. 

Then, take it off the heat and watch that thermometer drop as it cools. 

Start dipping!  I don’t think I worked fast enough though… 

By the end the caramel was cooled and the last apple wins some sort of entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Ugliest Caramel Apple Ever”.

But, it tastes just as good as all the others.  Seriously, so very good!  So very… toothsome!


Caramel apples!!!  …now to figure out how to clean this pot! (Taken with instagram)

Caramel apples!!! …now to figure out how to clean this pot! (Taken with instagram)


Photo from the ‘Tartine’ cookbook I cannot wait for this weekend!  A trip to the apple o

Photo from the ‘Tartine’ cookbook I cannot wait for this weekend! A trip to the apple o