Tartine Baking Project: #32 Bostock

Traditionally bostock is a breakfast/brunch goodie, but I decided to mix it up and lavishly welcome the only night of TV that we really care about (30 Rock, Parks & Rec, The Office & Up All Night) with a tasty treat. 

I sliced up brioche loaf #2 for the base of bostock.  It’s then covered with an orange sauce, apricot jam, frangipane cream, and slivered almonds.  On their own they’re all very lovely components, and together all sandwiched back-to-back, they’re a dream come true.  Basically, it’s an edible meataphor of the Thursday night of television that we love around here so much that we decide to gather and collectively laugh.  That’s the best way to watch ye olde teevee.

Pastry cream has quickly become my favorite thing to make, and my favorite spoons to lick!  I’m such a sucker for vanilla bean.

The syrup that get spread over the brioche slices give the bostock a real zip thanks in part to that truly zippy orange zest. 

The components of bostock lend themselves to a quick assembly, and so it’s so worth every precious minute it in the long run.  I see how this could make a regular appearance at Sunday brunches.

It’s like the fanciest slice of French toast you’ve ever come across.