Don’t forget about these recipes!!!

All the links to the PDFs for the recipes are in one place – here!  You’ve still got lots of time to bake some delicious holiday treats!  Leave them out for Santa – maybe you’ll get more presents!


Week #2: Tar-Tryin’ Tartine Holiday Bake-Along

I am so excited that some of you found time this past week to take a crack at the first recipe I shared – the walnut cinnamon slices!  (If you bake them at all this holiday season, or ever in your life, please share some evidence of your endeavors on the Facebook page!)  I’ll be doing a little photo collage for everything at the end of the bake-along series!

And now, I present to you, the recipe for Steamed Gingerbread Pudding with a bourbon hard sauce.  Yes.  I know.  Extremely exciting and mildly intimidating.  And, you may be like me and not know what a steamed pudding even is.  It’s like an eggy cake, and not really like pudding pudding.  When people sing about figgy pudding, I think this is the kind they’re talking about!  As for the hard sauce, it’s not for the kiddies, if you catch my drift.

Get the Steamed Gingerbread Pudding now!  (Remember, it’s on Google documents and may take a brief moment to load!)

Don’t forget to share your pictures here, and/or on the Facebook page!  I’ll be sharing my go at it later this week!  It’s amazing, trust me on this!


The Tar-Tryin’ Tartine Holiday Bake-Along!

HAPPY MONDAY!  I’ve already pointed out that this cookbook would be a great holiday gift for anyone, and now I’m so excited to unveil a few goodies from it!  The amazing folks at Tartine, the lovely people of Chronicle, and I think that sharing a few of the delicious recipes from the Tartine cookbook would be a wonderful holiday treat for all of us!

The first recipe that I’m sharing?!  Drum roll please…

Walnut Cinnamon Slices! 

These little wafery cookie treats are the perfect thing to bring to any holiday party, or to your family shin-digs.  Or you could even make them and enjoy them “as a side dish” for every meal of the day.  They’re small, and so you can eat like ten and still feel alright about yourself!  Score!

You can download my PDF today, and then find some time this week to bake them up!  Since this is a bake-along, I ask that you let me know how your cookies turn out!  Post pictures of your process, the final product, you enjoying your cookies, etc. to the Facebook page!  I’ll be posting all about my walnut cinnamon adventures on Friday!  Have your pictures posted, or even emailed to me, by the weekend!  I’ll be making a little collage of all of our attempts on Monday when I share the next recipe! 

(I need you to do this so I am not forced to create people like “Joe McBaker” and “Rhonda Bakesalot” who are posting about their fictional attempts at baking these cookies.  I really need people to bake along with me!)


(Since I’m using Tumblr, it’s linked through Google Docs, and may take a moment to load!  Totally worth the wait!)