Posted on July 30 2012

Not just any day at the beach

We’ve made it a point to head out to the beach more frequently this summer.  With no naps to work around, it’s made planning sunny, sandy adventures much easier.  I’ve declared my love for Lake Michigan a great many times, but honestly it’s the best beach I’ve ever been to.  It feels like a freshwater ocean, and the waves really start showing up this time of year, which just strengthens the gravitational pull of my feet to the water.  Jack stayed a couple of feet within the shoreline and screamed with joy as he was getting pummeled with waves.  He screamed, “I’s surfing!” and I wasn’t going to be the one to tell him he wasn’t.  Heading farther out into the water, the temperature was perfect and didn’t even take my breath away.  We played in the waves that came crashing over our heads – diving into them, letting them carry us on their backs, and letting the rip tide tug us further out to greet more waves.  We started screaming hilarious confessionals as we threw ourselves into waves – “I can’t read!”, “Nicholas Cage is really Jack’s father!”  My favorites were actually from dear, sweet 7-year-old Adeline: “I’ve tasted red wine!” and “I don’t really like tuna fish sandwiches!”  I wish I remembered more, but I was too busy laughing so hard I was crying.  I’d wipe away tears only to be smashed in the face with another wave.  We swung through one of our favorite ice cream places (salted caramel for Jack and I, Traverse City Cherry for Dan), and came home thoroughly exhausted.

The second half of our weekend was mostly devoted to the Olympics.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been swept up in the magic of every single sport I see at the games.  I am so engrossed, and any race or close finish has my nerves on edge and my heart beating out of my chest.  Handball?  I’m sold!  Swimming?  My favorite!  Cycling?  I want to do it!  I adore hearing the stories of the athletes, which always make rooting for them that much more fun.  Jack has been instantly won over with his first Olympics!  He’s told us he’s going to play soccer and “do the swimming there.”  He woke up asking for the “O-yimpics” and asking for gold.  We watched synchronized swimming before bedtime and he sweetly reenacted every dive from start to finish, and was chanting U-S-A as he fell asleep.

Here’s to a good week just as wonderful as the weekend.

  1. Megan says:

    ah! Your wave confessions are my favorite! What a happy post! <3

  2. Anne says:

    I don’t get John Irving! I’m not really an alcoholic, I just want attention!

  3. NicoleD says:

    I love it all! I spent the weekend at my parents’ house and we slipped away to the lake on Sunday afternoon. Best summer activity!

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