Posted on June 5 2012

Make Good Food

In a late-night fit of doodling last night, as I was playing around with lettering, I found that I was writing “Make Good Food” over and over.  I’ve always loved good food – my sister knew I was a trustworthy ward of her lima beans, and I would ask for green beans for a treat.  I would get giddy smelling the aroma of the grill heating up on summer evenings, and have always been the kind of person excited to wake up and immediately start thinking about breakfast.  My parents cared about the food we were eating – pop (soda!) was a treat we had at restaurants on occasion, and sugary cereal like Lucky Charms was not a staple in the pantry.  Believe it or not, I had a good childhood even though I was deprived of so much.  (And, that’s a joke, in case you were thinking I’m a jerk.)

I’ve always been mindful of the food I eat, but over the past few years, especially once I had a little one to feed, I’ve become hyper aware of the food we all eat around here – where it comes from, the amount of ingredients in things, where things are produced, etc.  I’ve fallen in love with the process of buying food, preparing it, eating it, and sharing it with friends.

I guess it’s on my mind because I’ve been having such good conversations about food with people lately, and have been sharing some delicious meals with friends over the past several days. Having our newly-moved-here friends stay in our home for the past week has been fun, as we’ve been meal planning and preparing dinners together.  The concept of making good food is simple and on the forefront of my mind in the kitchen.  It’s a quaint little mantra to have – it all really comes down to that – making things simple, using quality ingredients, food everyone wants to eat, things that we share.  Make Good Food.

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m so with you on this. My mom worked hard to feed us homemade food and we didn’t get sugar cereal or pop either (except on special occasions). During university I ate a mix of really bad food and pretty good food but now I make an effort to focus on homemade and quality food. So important!

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