Posted on May 2 2012

maintaining the calm

I tend to be a worrier.  An over-thinker.  A nit-picky planner.  One Who Freaks Out.  All of these beautiful attributes, in addition to my tendency to procrastinate, makes for quite the dramatic explosion of emotions whenever a deadline is looming.  Just ask my husband, or my mom, or anyone who ever planned and executed a Homecoming float with me in high school.  Late nights, tears, and waving my arms around a bit are inevitable.  Now being the seasoned adult I am (I will be turning 30 this year, after all), I can foresee the madness.  It’s like those storm chasers who recognize a change in the wind, can smell the rain miles away, and are in tune with the characteristic behavior of birds and insects warning that bad weather is impending.

I don’t want this little market booth of mine to be something that I freak out about.  I want to enjoy it, to really have fun making good food for people.  Yes, I have a very specific vision in mind for it all, but I don’t want that to be something I am so beholden to that it’s devastating when things don’t exactly turn out the way I’d like.  Already this week, there have been some minor hiccups in my master plan.  I’ve had issues getting my stamps made, and with my packaging.  I found so many great props for the booth display at my favorite antique market (pictured above), and realized I’d forgotten my wallet!  There are always unforeseen hurdles to leap in any sort of project.  Forgetting a wallet is easily remedied, and in the grand scheme of life, worrying about any of this seems pretty insignificant.  But, they are my hiccups, my annoying bumps in the road that so often rattle me.  I’m finally learning the importance of maintaining the calm.  It’s such a valuable life lesson for me these days – on my blog, my other projects, and especially as a mama of a toddler.  Basically I want to exude the calmness of a Sunday brunch in every area of my life, as much as possible.

As this week FLIES BY (is it just me, or is it flying by?!), I will continue to prepare for this fun endeavor with a smile.  And if you’re sick of me talking about this bleepity bleep bleepin’ Farmers’ Market booth, I must first say chill out!  Why are you getting so worked up about this?  Then I must warn you that I’ll probably be mentioning it some more.

  1. anne says:

    You should probably get some friends to help you out.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I bought a planner a few months ago because I love to freak out about deadlines yet also love to procrastinate. It was the best purchase ever because the little calendar on my phone just doesn’t lay it all out like looking at a week on paper.

    Its a good idea to maintain the calm! I hope you post lots of pictures of your booth, bet that it will be adorable

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