Posted on May 3 2012

Let’s Go There: Point Bonita Lighthouse

Since this week is a definite departure from my normal routine, and I haven’t got posts revolving around my usual features that make weekly appearances (Tartine Baking Project and Completely Pinteresting), I’d introduce a new little feature today.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present “Let’s Go There.”  I’ll share favorite photos from places I’ve been.  Most of the time they’ll have something to do with food, in one way or another, because that’s usually how I roll.

This is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.  The waves crashing on the rocks, the way the sea sort of disappears, the old lighthouse – such a beautiful spot.  Jack was just two months old and we took a little trip over that lovely Golden Gate Bridge, and explored the Marin headlands and the lighthouse.  I am so in love with the fog and the Pacific Ocean.  Even though Jack was strapped to me with a carrier, I nearly had a heart attack going across the squeaky bridge where only one person is allowed to cross at a time.  I watched the waves crash between the cracks of boards beneath my feet, holding my breath, hoping that my baby and I wouldn’t plummet into the ocean.  (It seems inevitable that someone is going to fall through some day.)  I also hoped to make it because we had plans of enjoying oysters and crab rolls at my favorite neighborhood restaurant later that day.

  1. NicoleD says:

    I DO want to go there! How beautiful and of course oysters and crab rolls afterward – perfect.

    • Emily says:

      Yes! So perfect! You must go there and see this lighthouse. I love it. Then you must eat crab rolls.

  2. Amanda Jane Jones says:

    oh wow…this is gorgeous.

  3. devon says:

    i live in marin! which restaurant are you referring to??

  4. Teresa says:

    What a beautiful view! I love how the lighthouse is swallowed by the fog.

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