Posted on June 19 2012

Let’s Go There: Mediterranean Sunset

Today is one of those days where you wake up, knowing it’s going to be so very hot.  Any plans of getting things accomplished, of working around the house, and especially turning on the oven are all abandoned for more noble causes like running in the sprinkler and/or heading to Lake Michigan, or as we call it, The Lake.

Thinking of driving down the coast of the Mediterranean in Italy is also a lovely way to cool off.  It’s an lesson in mind over matter, really.  The fan blowing directly into my face right now is mildly reminiscent of the cool breeze that comes off the ocean.  (I did say mildly.)  We were hauling to Rome in order to make it to our hotel before they gave our room away.  We all seemed to look out the window at the same time to see this sunset, and the briefest of brief stops was necessary just to watch the sunset for a few moments.  Sunsets were nothing new, but a good one is a perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy things.  (Even if that did mean one of our rooms was given away.)

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