Posted on May 8 2012

Let’s Go There: Isola Del Cantone

If you ever find yourself traveling back and forth between Italy and France, you should rent a car.  I’ve been lucky enough to tag along with Dan a few times when he’s got a trade show in Milan, and we’ve rented a car to travel around every time.  It’s the best way to see the country.  We got to stop whenever we wanted to grab food, stretch or legs, or abandon the highway when a beautiful, tiny village popped up out of nowhere.  We found Isola Del Cantone somewhere along the way as we were heading from Milan to Nice, France.  There’s some serious windy highways that cause even those blessed with iron stomachs to feel a bit woozy.  The first time I saw this town, nestled between the mountain and a river and glowing in the fog, that it was some sort of car sick mirage.  We took the exit and landed in such an amazing little place.  The streets were empty, so it had the strange ghost town vibe, we had the place to ourselves.  We were traveling with a couple of our good friends, and we all took countless photos, as the entire town was perfectly photogenic.  We found ourselves in a small coffee shop, dunking biscotti into hot chocolate (which is quite literally chocolate that is hot), and watching ‘The Simpsons’ in Italian with the couple working behind the bar.  It was amazing, and perfect, and still funny in another language.

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