Posted on July 2 2012

Kinfolk Volume 4

I’ve been counting down the days until Volume 4 of Kinfolk magazine hit the newsstand.  “Hit the newsstand” – that’s what people still say, right?  Or is that what people said in 1940?  Regardless, today is the day.  Volume 4 is out in the world, and I’m honestly so happy to be a contributing writer.  In case you’re not aware, and you’re wondering what I’m so excited about, Kinfolk is a quarterly magazine that is a guide for small gatherings.  Every volume includes contributions from many artists focusing on a shared theme.  My essay is about baking.  Shocking, I know.

The relationship between words and photos is a powerful one.  I know, that’s a complete “Duh” statement.  But, when you write something and have a real vision in mind for the place you’ve created, it’s a strange thing to see someone else’s visual interpretation.  Upon finding out Tim Robison would be the photographer paired with my essay, I immediately got lost in his website and blog.  Beautiful.  I honestly spent a ridiculous amount of time scanning through photo after photo.  I wasn’t at all worried about our partnership, just curious about how Tim would capture my words.  Stunning, really.  I’m so excited to share some of his outtakes of the shoot today.

Photos: Tim Robison

The entire magazine is beautiful.  I feel like I have to wash my hands before I touch it – not that my hands are particularly dirty, it’s just that gorgeous.  I cannot wait for people to get their hands on it!  That is, their clean hands on it.   It’s the kind of thing where you pick it up, read a few essays, and then put it right back down on the coffee table for everyone to do the same.  You keep up the slow read, making it last as long as possible.  By the time you’re done with it, the next volume will be right around the corner.

  1. Anne says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Thrilling! Congratulations to them for scoring you, too. Well deserved!

  2. Jing says:

    Gorgeous photos! I just got an email that says my copy has been dispatched and is on its way! Ah, I can hardly wait! :)

  3. NicoleD says:

    Yay, yay, yay! What an exciting day for you! Kinfolk is definitely a clean hands magazine :)

  4. Tim says:

    Beautiful words. Was so happy to pair up with you!

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