Posted on August 7 2012

Jack is three!

While we celebrated his party this past weekend, today is Jack’s birthday.  I adore this photo of Jack on the day he was born, sitting in my mom’s lap and holding his daddy’s finger!  It’s impossible to avoid getting sappy when my little dude is celebrating a birthday.  Of course I reflect on carrying him in my belly for oh so long, the long labor, and bringing him home to our tiny San Francisco apartment where we learned the ropes of being parents to such an amazing little dude.  I can’t help but look through photos of his fist few days in the world, as we were learning about his personality, how he preferred to be held and what each tiny cry meant.  All the cliches you constantly hear about how fast they grow and how you really need to savor every single moment are so true.  As much as I miss Jack being a cuddly little baby who would nap in my arms, every year gets so much more exciting.

He’s three now!  We’re having conversations, he’s asking so many questions and is so curious about the world.  He’s insanely observant and beautifully considerate.  Of course there are melt downs and fits, but that’s part of learning how to cope with new emotions all the time.  So as frustrating as it may be at times, like when he’s laying in the shade on the grass in the park refusing to set foot in the hot sun ever again, I try to remember it’s normal and it will pass.  The knock-knock jokes, the constant laughter, the way he melts when he sees babies, his way of sweetly comforting his friends when they’re sad or hurt, and the adorable things he tells us every day outweigh the minor craziness of this age.  I adore this kid, and I feel so honored to be his mama.

Tried to get a sweet little smile, this is what he insisted on!

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