Posted on May 14 2012

It’s Monday

The weekend was wonderful.  I can easily look back at any fun weekend and point out what didn’t get accomplished or went wrong.  You know, laundry that didn’t get done, baking for the blog wasn’t in the cards, brunch was not so good and Jack wasn’t a happy guy at the table…That kind of stuff.

But, it’s completely pointless to focus on what should have happened instead of the good stuff.  I did have such an amazing weekend, regardless that I’m starting out the week feeling a little behind.  I wrapped up a huge project with two friends, enjoyed a little solo shopping trip to The Mall (!!!), we had a really fun evening at another friend’s birthday party, I was shown so much Mother’s Day love from the boys (and from lots of friends and family too sending sweet notes via text and Facebook!), and I went on the best four-mile run I’ve ever had.  It was a great way to begin officially training for another half marathon.  And last night, when I’d usually be working on bloggity blog stuff, I watched some really good TV.

I also spent a great deal of the weekend wrestling over all these projects I’m working on, asking myself what I really want to be putting all my time and energy into.  More on this soon.  For now, Jack and I are packing a picnic and heading to the beach.

  1. kendra says:

    I found your blog through amanda’s…and may i please say your child is the cutest kid on earth. Oh my word

  2. NicoleD says:

    Good for you! Both for looking at the positive and for taking time for yourself. That picture is just fantastic!

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