Posted on July 5 2012

Heat Waves and Planning Ahead

It’s incredibly hot here right now – it has been in the upper 90′s, even hitting low 100′s, and it looks like it’ll be that hot for a few more days to come.  With that heat and humidity, and traveling around a bit for the holiday, baking in the kitchen is pretty much low on my list of tasks to tackle.  Instead, we pack up whatever is easily assembled and head to the beach, or our only room with air conditioning.

I honestly cannot believe there’s basically a handful of recipes left for me to tackle in this cookbook!  Thoughts of what my plans will be for this blog once I’m done with my Tartine Baking Project have been floating around in my head for months now.  I like having a specific project to focus on, and have even entertained making my way through another entire cookbook…I don’t think that’s something I’m willing to jump right into, but never say never, right?

P.S. I cannot say “never say never” now without thinking of Justin Beiber!  And the only song I’ve ever heard is that ‘baby baby baby’ l’il jam.

  1. Stephanie says:

    I hope you keep blogging even once you’re done with the book. Love stopping by and seeing what you are up to

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