Posted on May 28 2012

Happy Monday

In the throes of winter, I often feel like summer will never come.  Everything seems like it’ll be forever gray and cold, and I forget what the warmth of the sun feels like.   Suddenly, I blink and summer is engulfing my senses.  The smell of sunscreen, the aroma of the sausage cart at the farmers’ market, the sweet smell of Lake Michigan.  The taste of fresh raspberries, and the feel of mint in my fingertips as I forage the yard to spruce up my lemonade.  Then there are days where I just feel the sweat will be infinite as it drips from my forehead and into my mouth, even stinging my eyes.  I seek refuge in the shade as the heat overwhelms even my feet, and I try to escape to thoughts of laying in the snow at the foot of the sledding hill.

Seasons are a magical thing.  I love them all, so dearly.

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope that you’re enjoying the long weekend!  Around here it’s been a weekend full of projects, serious house cleaning, birthday partying, and now we’re off to the beach!

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