Posted on April 13 2012

Friday Favorites

There is one thing that I can think of today as I ponder my favorite things.  Two nights ago Dan was heading out to grab us some dinner (Rasa Ria = Malaysian food = amazing).  It happened to be quite the hectic day, and when Dan came home he said he had gotten me something.  How sweet.  When he let on that he’d grabbed it from the side of the road, it became less sweet.  I know amazing things can be found on the side of the road.  I know.  It’s just that Dan’s track record for roadside gems isn’t so great.  In San Francisco he found a beautiful velvet green chaise lounge.  Within minutes our apartment was riddled with fleas.  The greatest “find” was a HUMONGOUS television that he found in the Bayview area of SF when it was pouring rain.  He brought it home, (we had to unhinge a door to get it in the place!), and then it didn’t even work.  A week later it had dried out, and it started working like a champ.  Months later, our apartment flooded during the winter rainy season.  Since the huge TV sat on the floor of our tiny casa, it got wet.  Again.  It quickly got to a point where it wouldn’t change channels (it was forever stuck on NBC) and you could only turn the volume down.

So when Dan brought home this record player, I was skeptical, to say the least.  I’ve been telling him how desperately I’ve wanted a new record player for weeks now.  He brought it in the house, went to plug it in…oops!  The cord had been cut!  As Dan did some sort of magic techinical wizardry sort of swap with the cord, I swallowed my lack of confidence in the record player.  It’s gorgeous, and I so desperately wanted it to work.  Suddenly Frank Sinatra’s golden pipes filled the house.  We cheered, and have been cheering ever since.  Two days of cheering!

I cannot even tell you how happy I am about this find.  I will be spending all weekend record shopping.  Hope your weekend is wonderful!

P.S. If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late to join in the #AprilFoodHunt!  You have all weekend to take just seven pictures for a chance to win the TARTINE BREAD cookbook!!!  It’s amazing!!!  Get involved!  Read all about it here!

P.P.S. I’m over on the ModCloth blog today as a guest blogger!  You should head over to read about my “Oops Recipe Gone Right”!  Thanks, Modcloth!

  1. anne says:

    Yay! Viva la record players! I love ours so. Yours is particularly gorgeous and, hmmm, with all those big open doorways in your house, it now seems like the perfect place for a dance party, doesn’t it? I’ll bring my Prince records … and The Time … and MJ … and and and …

  2. Ana Sofia says:

    I got a record player last summer. Didn’t want it, now can’t live without it. It was so much fun picking up records at stoop sales – it gives you the most fantastically odd selection.

    • Emily says:

      Yes! We’ve been collecting them for years, but our old player has been out of commission! So excited to make record collecting a hobby again!

  3. Jing says:

    You had Malaysian food! Was it something spicy like curry? :)

  4. NicoleD says:

    Nice score! I got Marc a new turntable for his birthday last year and it’s so old school and great. Did you read that sweet article about Jack White and how his label is the 3rd largest customer of the biggest US vinyl maker?

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