Posted on September 14 2012

Friday Favorites

Summer is barely hanging on.  There’s only a fraction on my day where wearing pants seems strange.  We start and finish our days snuggled beneath blankets.  Being warm, too warm, in the afternoon is a novel thing once again because we know there’s an end in sight.  An end in sight that includes apple crisps and warm soups for dinner, my favorite sweaters, and socks back on my feet.  I adore socks.  We’re learning the routine of a a few morning of preschool every week, and I’m learning how to extremely productive with a few hours.  Learning, is the key word there.

I always have chocolate sauce on hand, and I always adore her writing.

So excited about this book.

I’m making my last recipe today, and this is my motto.

If you’ve been following along, you probably have noticed I’m kind of (understatement) a fan of Parks & Recreation.  Anything I ever talk about has something to do with food, my child, and/or Parks & Rec, and most often a combination of those things.  I could watch this video every single day for the rest of my life.

Someone find me this boat, I’d like to get on.

As always, I hope all is well and your weekend will be wonderful.  I’m taking a deep breath, baking the last recipe today, and celebrating with friends tonight.

  1. NicoleD says:

    I love socks, too! I can’t wait to get out my fuzziest ones. Love the bloopers (Parks&Rec forever!)and if you find that boat, let me know :) It would be an epic way for us to meet in person!

  2. Lindsey Royal Anderson says:

    We’re falling for fall, too. I’m in love with socks, in fact, it appalls most when they find I love sleeping in them! Is that too far? Well, fuzzy sock season is among us. Have a happy weekend. And take a breath as you bake your last recipe (loving your motto), I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not really your last!

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