Posted on July 6 2012

Friday Favorites

My photo collage is pretty busy looking, as is the case for my week.  So many good things happening – a weekly Freaks and Geeks revival, Fourth of July fun, and amazing records on loan from my dad.  Did you grab the free PDF I made this week?

I adore rubber stamps, and making stamps of all sorts too.  These are especially adorable!

This interview with Louis CK.  He’s a smart, inspiring dude.  And funny, of course.

For the first time I can remember I skipped fireworks (WHOA!  I LOVE A FIREWORKS DISPLAY) to watch a movie with my fella.  We saw The Amazing Spiderman in 3D!  The 3D part was an accident, but after I got over the glasses on top of glasses situation, I was sold.  I thought I didn’t like 3D movies because I seem to remember feeling sick while watching them.  I guess 3D technology is quite advanced, because I only felt sick after eating too much popcorn and then walking back outside into the heat wave we’re currently in the midst of.

And, of course Volume 4 is one of my favorites this week!  Be sure you take a look at the promo video, too!  It’s beautiful!

This is such a lovely and gorgeous read.

Another favorite today: the conversations we’re starting to have with Jack, and his observations of the world.  We were driving back from my parents’ yesterday and he overheard me mention a roast house.  “What’s a roast house?”  Dan went on to explain how coffee beans are grown, then roasted, and then explained the familiar-to-Jack process of grinding and making coffee.  Jack asked to hear the story five times, then responded with, “Oh, I love that.”

  1. NicoleD says:

    Oh! That Louis CK article! They just added new episodes of Louie on Netflix and I was so excited. What a talented, smart guy.

    Love the Jack story! What a cool little guy :)

  2. Amanda Jane Jones says:

    freaks and geeks! freaks and geeks!

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