Posted on June 29 2012

Friday Favorites

Yesterday was so very hot.  We started out the day with some sprinkler fun, which was so adorable to watch – that unintentional coordinated swimwear called for some photos.  I tried to edit it down to one photo.  Impossible.  The cuteness must be shared!

I am so in love with Mandi’s blog.  I love stumbling onto new blogs! I do have a special spot for Midwest, as it’s home and is even tattooed on my collar bone.

This gutsy DIY project would be so much fun to tackle!

I am willing my hair to grow longer so that I can make this possible.

Amanda has been on a roll this week with so many ‘My Better Half’ posts!  Loving Nate and Katie on there today!

AH! A coffee chocolate milkshake?  Thanks, Some Kitchen Stories!  So many favorites all in one!

My friends just opened a new restaurant – Vinsetta Garage!  (The same friends who gifted me with the Tartine cookbook when we got married and had recently moved to San Francisco!!!)  Nicole Dula, a dear blogger pal, wrote a lovely post about the place!

This weekend will definitely involve trying to stay cool in any way possible – it’s going to be hot!  This lemonade concoction shall be in my future.

I hope your weekend is completely amazing.  Happy Friday!

  1. Amanda Jane Jones says:

    Oh! so so so cute. PS. Thanks for the link friend!

    • Emily says:

      Yeah, the cuteness is killing me! I know you’re having a beautiful time and everything living abroad in Geneva, but we look forward to having you back in Michigan so you can witness this cute stuff in person!

  2. NicoleD says:

    I love the one with the tongues! Adorable! The “Better Half” posts are so lovely. Thanks so much for link. I didn’t know they gave you the Tartine cookbook! They must be special friends, indeed :)

    • Emily says:

      They are! Ann loves San Francisco and made sure I knew about all the best places to eat when we moved there!

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