Posted on May 11 2012

Friday Favorites

This is one of my favorite simple breakfasts, and a good way to start out this Friday.  Today is one of those days where there’s so much to say, but I don’t want to say it.  Not because it’s controversial or offensive – that’s why people usually bite their tongues, right?  I just don’t have the energy to find the words to express the chaos that is my brain right now.  It’s a subway terminal at 5:10 pm up there.  Pure craziness – ideas and projects and to-do lists and goals and wants and needs all elbowing each other to get a seat on the train.  Sheesh!  Taking this weekend to slow down and enjoy the people I love.  Hopefully you’ll find time to do the same!

Here’s some good & random stuff:

This print and these jars make me want to can things all day every day.

I need prescription sunglasses, really badly!  These are cute!

My favorite Tumblr, ever.  “I want to go to there” has never rung more true for me.

I want this print to float over my head as a reminder.  No, I want to be able to see it.  It should just pop up in front of my face when I need to see it.

Oh, have you read this letter yet?  Such a good read!

And, watch this trailer.  It’s good.

Have a happy weekend!

  1. Katherine Ross says:

    Ooh that looks very similar to my favorite breakfast… honey & peanut butter toast topped with sliced banana. Yum.

    And that Ansel Adams letter…. so beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

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