Posted on June 26 2012

My Favorite Shops // Herriott Grace

I recently went through my kitchen and de-cluttered a great many useless and poorly made things that have just been taking up space and routinely breaking in my kitchen.  I don’t have the tiniest kitchen ever, but it’s small and lacking practical storage, so those things seemed to have piled up and were just about to take over my life.  And no, I’m not being dramatic at all.  On top of all that, there’s the fact that those other things are cheap, and I didn’t really know any better or what I would need when I started acquiring things.  That’s all normal and the way life goes.  Now I’m at a point where I slowly am investing in beautiful and well-made things that will last me forever.  I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite shops for such things.

All photos borrowed from Herriott Grace.

I started “window-shopping” at Herriott Grace a handful of months ago.  By “window-shopping” I mean “screen-watching.”  I’d head to their site and oooh and ahhh over every single thing.  Honestly, there is nothing I wouldn’t love in my kitchen.  If you haven’t heard about this amazing father-daughter team that is Lance and Nikole Herriott, my intention is to share the obsession, so start here reading their lovely story.  Beautiful, right?  And go read her blog, too, Forty-Sixth at Grace.  So inspiring!

The one thing I really absolutely need at the moment is a great rolling pin.  I’ve been thinking about that beautiful piece of maple pictured above (top right), especially when I am rolling out several batches of croissant dough at a time.  So I bought the rolling pin, and pressing the checkout button felt so very good.  And now to be patient and not watch the mailbox every single day.  And then when it arrives the challenge will be fighting the urge to carry it around with me at all times.

I’ve shared this before, but there is a gorgeous short film about Herriott Grace, and Lance’s role in their shop.  I dare you not to cry while watching it.  It’s so sweet and moving, and reminded me so much of my own dad.  And hearing Nikole talk about how important the packaging was to her!  I love that!  If I could hug an online shop, I would hug Herriott Grace.  They’re doing things right.

  1. NicoleD says:

    Oh goodness, I love that shop, too. The video is just amazing. I’m looking at the pastry cutter ;) I have a perfectly nice rolling pin already, boo!

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