Posted on August 23 2012

Completely Pinteresting: Twine Hanging Vase

Today’s l’il project was more of an inspiration from Instagram, rather than the usual inspiration I gather from Pinterest for this feature!  So I guess I should title it “Completely Insta-great!”  One of my favorite ladies in San Francisco, my dear pal @thegoodelena over on ye olde Instagram, shared a photo of a flea market find – a gorgeous little gem that I was instantly envious of.  So, as per usual, I set out to recreate it.

I used twine I had in my craft treasure trove, and started tying knots.  I plan on working on some more intricate designs, but I’m pretty excited about this first prototype.  I cut four 3-foot strands of twine, paired them up to make an X, then tied them together at the intersection of the X.  Then, each string was double knotted with it’s closest neighbor, not its partner.  Does that make sense?  I just continued to tie knots like that for a few rounds, and ended up with a rather simple net, of sorts, ready for something to carry.

The most fun part of it all was the hunt for the glass jar.  I found a beautiful oil and vinegar jar that dove off the shelf and into my arms.  The little spouts were perfect for plants!  How adorable to have a hanging vase in the kitchen made from an oil and vinegar container??!!!  I can’t wait to switch out the leaves for fresh herbs, flowers, twigs, and leaves throughout the seasons!

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