Posted on April 25 2012

Completely Pinteresting: Spray-Painted Glass Jars

This week’s little “Pinteresting” project, wasn’t really inspired by anything I saw on Pinterest.  I have this thing for collecting old jars.  If I am ever on reality teevee, it will be my 80-year-old self trapped in a room full of old root beer bottles and pickle jars on season number 1,234 of “Hoarders.”  (There’s definitely worse old junk to collect – I’ve seen too many episodes of that show!)

I opened a cupboard looking for place mats last night, and I stumbled on these ol’ jars, in various levels of completion.  They’ve been there for over a year!  I decided to finish them and save them from a sad life squirreled away in some dark corner of a cupboard I apparently never open.

I used some puffy paint (is that what you call it?  I mean, that’s what I called in in 7th grade when anything I considered “mine” was covered the stuff – socks, shirts, folders, and everything else), and then gave them each a few coats of flat white spray paint.  My favorite root beer bottle has “the one and only” right on the bottle, and it’s definitely my favorite one!

Honestly the quickest way to make a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.  I’m using two of them as vases, one is a planter with a succulent, and the other has a small candle in it.  I am so in love with these!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Those turned out so nicely! I love hoarders too, if I end up on that show it will be surrounded by books and loads of craft supplies that I never even used once.

  2. Diane Webb says:

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