Posted on April 4 2012

Completely Pinteresting: Kitchen Magazine Rack

My magazines sit in a nicely in metal mail organizer thing that we grabbed at a school that was moving buildings.  I love it.  But whether it be on a mail organizer, or stacked on a shelf, such a life for some of my most favorite magazines is not a life at all.  Have you seen some of these gorgeous covers?  They’re art!  They should be be on display!  I had this exact thought the other day, so I jumped over to Pinterest.

After some perusing, I found this rack.  I also saw lots of other metal racks and baskets.  I wanted to use wood, and I even bought an old shutter, but it ended up being too large for the available wall space.

I opted for a wooden frame that was on sale for $9 and some dowel rods.  (I then called upon my craftsman to put it together.  He wants a serious shout out.)  I’m holding off on painting it, to see what color floor and tile we go with for the backsplash behind the sink.  I’ll probably end up painting it black?  I do like the raw wood frame, but I’m not crazy about the dowel rods.  After some serious back and forth, I think I’m okay with the lowest magazine hanging over the frame.  I think.  I do like the overall look, and changing up those magazines often will be pretty fun.

  1. NicoleD says:

    I love your cute Pinterest crafts! If you’re not crazy about the dowel rods, maybe it would be cute with thick wire? Use some nails on the back of the fram and wind the wire around the nail before hammering in completely. Not that I’ve ever tried it, but it came to mind! :)

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