Posted on June 6 2012

Completely Pinteresting: Cake Stand

I use the same cake stand every time I need to use such a thing.  I actually have two of the same stand.  They double as punch bowls, so, I mean, life isn’t terrible.  I just desire some variety displaying cakes, pies and tarts.  While I covet beauties like this (and every other thing at that shop!) I need to find some on the cheap and cheaper.  Mission: Cake Stand Thrift is in effect.

Easiest stand ever.  I spray painted a thrifted stand and glued it to a plate.  Done and done.  I had grand visions of finding a gorgeous piece of wood to affix to it, but ended up with the plate.  I still have that grand vision for another stand.  So many cake stands to make!  I have a spot in our house that I want to put a shelf where I am going to display all of my cake stands.  It’s going to be very lovely someday.

  1. laura says:

    woah awesome, I just discovered that you had a website in addition to your tumblr man I’ve been missing out

    • Emily says:

      Hey! I just found out my tumblr wasn’t getting the feed from my blog for quite some time! Bummer! Glad you found it though!

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