Posted on May 29 2012

Completely Pinteresting: Alphabet Magnets

All of my Completely Pinteresting crafty projects have something to do with the kitchen, in one way or another.  Magnets attach to the fridge, the fridge is in the kitchen – so this is not too far of a stretch here.  A few weeks ago a friend and I were headed to the park with our little dudes and we stumbled on a pile of thick branches that had been cut off of a tree.  I immediately thought of this project, and even though the branch wasn’t as wide as needed to make a cake stand, I knew I could do something with them!  The park is just a few blocks away from home, so I started to fill up my arms.  The little guys insisted on helping – even though it was crazy hot out and the branches were pretty much as tall as each of them.  The pace was slow, they wouldn’t let go of the branches, so we eventually hauled them all the way home.  And it was worth it.

Dan got to work on the chop saw for me, and made many little discs, each about 1/4” thick.  Then, I got to work with a paintbrush and some magnetic tape.  Magnets on a dispenser!  Genius!

The possibilities are really endless!  This set was a birthday present, and I made Jack some with the letters of his name, as well.  So glad I stumbled on those branches!  What a fun project!  I’m pretty sure these branches were headed to some kind of wood chipper, so now they’re living a happy post-tree life decorated on a fridge.

  1. NicoleD says:

    These are so dang adorable! Nice work!

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