Posted on September 27 2011

away we go

(photo by Dan Kastner)

Nearly four years ago I got married and a dear friend gifted me with the ‘Tartine’ pastry cookbook, having loved the bakery and wanting to share the love with me.  We lived in San Francisco at the time, so the book sat happily snug on my cookbook shelf between Betty Crocker and Ina Garten masterpieces.  A beautiful addition to the shelf, but there it sat.  I would occasionally pick it up and thumb through the pages, using it as more of a menu than a cookbook.  “Oh, that brioche looks irresistable!”  I’d scroll through the ingredients and the how-to of it all, then I’d up and hop on a bus to 18th and Guerrero and purchase said brioche from the masters at Tartine.  Easy. Delicious.  Worth it.

Fast forward to June 2010, we move back to lovely Michigan.  Fast forward to September 2011, and I am seriously missing Tartine.  I honestly have dreams where I find myself sitting on the patio outside the bakery, eating morning buns with my husband and son, drinking Four Barrel coffee and savoring every bite.  And this is a reoccurring dream every couple months .  Some dreams it’s morning buns, other dreams I’m devouring a fruit tart or my favorite pain au jambon.  I wake up longing for the taste; sometimes I actually wake up pretty bummed.

Here I am today, needing a project to immerse myself in and needing some amazing pastries in my life.  I didn’t go to pastry school in France, I’ve never baked anything more than your basic pies, cakes and cookies.  But I have a book, and there are directions.  There will be failures, there will be triumphs, and I’m going to share it all.

  1. RBrown says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months now and love it. I just moved to Paris from San Francisco (which I know isn’t a tough tour of duty but ..) and I came across this recurring dream you have about sitting at the corner of 18th and Guerrero and I just wanted to say that I have that dream too! I used to live down the street from there and I miss my weekend walks from Philz to Bi-Rite Market then to Tartine. So reading your blog is extra fun now as it reminds me a little bit of home. I love what you’re doing – continued courage as they say here in France!

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